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Glosa Vocabulary

Reference lexicon

These are the reference lexicons of Glosa. They are the most up-to-date and checked.

2000 most frequent words
1000 most frequent words with English cognates (Ashby, Clark).
Glosa-English, English-Glosa, download as pdf

Secondary lexicons

The derivative lexicons are less precise and may be outdated.

Spanish Español-Glosa, auto-generated Glosa-Español.

German Glosa 1000-Deutsch, Deutsch-Glosa 1000.

French French-Glosa, auto-generated Glosa-French.

Italian Auto-generated Glosa 1000-Italian.

Russian Glosa 1000-Russian, Russian-Glosa 1000.

Swahili There existed a printed version of “Glosa 1000” in Swahili, but no online version is available.

Chinese 1000 most frequent words with Chinese equivalents (Prof. Liu Haitao).


The files above have been subject to continuous and repeated amendments by the Glosa community.

English. Edit history, Missing words (outdated), Synonyms in Core (outdated), Similar Synonyms, Word Derivation Scheme. The historic version of the “1000 most frequent words” list.

French: Corrections, the historic version.

Spanish: Corrections, the historic version.

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Glosa Vocabulary - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.