Glosa, u lisi lingua

An isolating planned language, a Hogben’s “Iterglossa” variety

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In his books «The Loom of Language» (1944) and «Interglossa» (1943), the British biologist and statistician L.Hogben set a framework for a scientific communication (meta)language. Under a symbolic name «Interglossa» for this lingua franca, he formulated three principles that a candidate language should adhere to in order to become receivable as an auxilary language:

  1. The grammar: analytic or even isolating.
  2. The lexicon: internationalized.
  3. The phonetics: facilitated (e.g. Toki Pona).

Glosa, an unfinished product

Among other attempts within this framework (Interglossa ipso, L.Hogben 1943; Lingua (Sistem)Frater, Pham Xuan Thai 1957, Paul O. Barlett 1998), Glosa is the most articulated project. It was created as a modified version of the Interglossa, by R.Clark and W.Ashby (1972,1992) and promoted by M.Springer

on the basis sustained Interglossa

This site tries to present the language Glosa, a Hogben’s “Interglossa” variety, in a neutral and systematic manner.