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1000 most frequent Glosa words

from “Central Glosa” (Ashby, Clark), pp. 24—56.

p. 24:

Glosa 1000

Now you come to the most important part, the heart, Central GLOSA 1000.

Each page is divided into three columns. The middle column lists the Latin and Greek roots of Glosa in bold capitals and in alphabetical order.

A Glosa word followed by a G. means it is of Greek origin. All the other un-G-d words come from Latin. In Column 1 is an international word which contains the Glosa root showing how you have been using, hearing and reading Latin and Greek (GLOSA) for years without perhaps knowing it. Column 3 gives the meaning of the Glosa word.

The reader will surely immediately recognize many of the Glosa words without consulting the first column. But in many cases the Glosa root might strike you as strange at first sight, especially since it is spelt phonetically. In this case a glance into column 1 will familiarize the Glosa root.

For example you might wonder how ALELO means each other. You turn to column 1 and see parallel broken up into its elements PARA, beside and ALELO each other, so the familiar word parallel simply means beside-each-other.

In this way you have acquired at least 4 bits of knowledge. You’ve discovered 1, Its real meaning … beside-each-other. 2 The G shows it is a Greek root and 3 you have learnt 2 Glosa words, without having to strain your memory.

To make things even easier the clue words in column 1 have been separated into their constituent bits by one or 2 hyphens.

So we think after you have browsed a little through this Glosa-English section you will agree that as we always say; GLOSA  IS  THE  INTERNATIONAL  LANGUAGE  YOU  DIDNT  KNOW  YOU KNEW.

    p. 25: International    Word Glosa Word **Meaning of Glosa Word **





ad-dres A(D) at, to

ab-sent AB away

-able ABILI able to be

accid-ent ACIDE happen, event

  NON-ACIDE   non-existence, unreal

  MAL-ACIDE   accident, fail, mis-hap

adapta-tion ADAPTA adapt

Aphro-dite AFRO G foam (she was born in sea-foam)

aero-plane AERO G air



program, agenda

aggresi-on AGRESI attack

agri-cult-ure AGRI field

  KULTI   care for, tend

  AGRIO   wild




acidi-ty AKIDI acid

accord AKORDA agree, according to

Acro-polis AKRO G top, summit, climax



acti-vity AKTI act, do, behave

activi-ty AKTIVI busy

  NON-AKTIVI   inert

  AKTIVI PRO   enthusiastic



hear, listen

acu-te AKU nail, needle

AKUTO sharp

  NON-AKUTO   blunt

Alex-ander ALEXI G defend

  ANDRO G   man

amorpho-us AMORFO G lump, clod

par-allel   PARA G   beside

ALELO G each other

neur-alg-ia ALGO G pain, suffering



strange, foreign



al-ternative ALO or, alternative

alti-tude ALTI high, tall

ambi-dextro-us AMBI both / all sides

  DEXTRO   right hand

  AMBIENTA   environment

ami-able AMI friend, -ly, kind

amo-ur AMO love, like

amyla-ceous AMILA G starch

com-plex   PLEXI   intertwine

AMPLEXI embrace

    p. 26:

amus-e AMUSA amuse

An-drew AN he, him, his

  ANDRO G   man, husband

ana-bol-ism ANA G up-wards

  BALI G   throw

Anas ANAS duck

anemo-meter ANEMO G wind

  MEGA A.   storm

antenna ANTENA feeler, antenna

anti- ANTI against

annua-l ANUA year

aper-ture APERI open

api-ary APIS bee

apo-calypti-c APO remove, un-

  KALIPTI   cover

aqua-tic AQA water

ara-ble ARA plough, arable

arca-de ARCA arch

area AREA area, region

arena ARENA sand

Argenti-na (s. rivers) ARGENTI silver

arc ARKA arc

archi-tect ARKI G chief, official

  TEKTO   build

  NON-ARKI   unofficial

arm-y ARMA weapon, arm

arroga-nt AROGA arrogant

aroma AROMA odor, smell

arti-st ARTI art

arthri-tis ARTRI G joint

asylu-m ASILU G safe place

asini-ne ASINUS ass, donkey

associa-te ASOCIA partner

astro-nomy ASTRO G star

  NOMI G   theory

attend, wait ATENDE wait, delay

  NON-A   prompt

attitude ATITUDE mood

atri-um ATRI G hall, court

atro-cious ATRO black

audi-ence AUDI hear, listen

aurora AURORA dawn

   bore-alis BOREO G north

auto-bio-graphy AUTO G own, self

  BIO G   life

  GRAFO G   write

Austra-lia AUSTRA G south

auxi-liary AUXI help

avant-age AVANTI forward

    p. 27:

avari-cious AVARI greedy

avi-ary AVI bird

axi-s AXI axis, axle


baby BABI baby

baci-llus BACI rod, staff

balcony BALKONI balcony

bank BANKA bank

baptize BAPTI G dip

baro-meter BARO G press

  METRI G   measure

basi-s BASI G grounds, reason

bathy-sphere BATO G deep

  NO-BATO   shallow

im-bibe BIBE drink

bible BIBLI G book

billet BILETA ticket

bio-logy BIO G life

  LOGI G   understand

blad-e BLADA knife, dagger

blast-ula BLASTO G bud

bombasti-c BOMBASTI boast

bol-us BOLA G ball

bomb BOMBA bomb, shell

  STA BOMBA   a mine

bon-us BONI good

bore-al BOREO G north, -ern

boutique BOTEKA shop

bottle BOTILIA bottle

bovi-ne BOVI ox

  FE-/ AN-BOVI   cow, bull

  BABI-BOVI   calf

em-brace BRAKI G arm

ab-brevi-ate BREVI short

bryo-logy; em-bryo BRIO G moss, swell, abound, teem

  abound, teem

Bronto-saurus BRONTO G thunder, explode

  SAURU G   lizard

brush BROSA brush

brun-ette BRUNO brown

bucca-l BUKA cheek

bulbo-us BULBO bulb

boil, bubble BULI boil, bubble

buro BURO office

bursa-ry BURSA purse

butt, aim, purpose BUTA aim, purpose

button BUTONA button

butter BUTIRI G ox-cheese = butter

    p. 28:

NB. Glosa C pronounced as Eng. CH


chart CARTA map, chart

domi-cile   DOMI-CARTA   house-plan

chas-e CASA chase, hunt

cede CEDE yield

celebra-te CELEBRA celebrate

ac-celera-te CELERA quick, speed

re-cepti-on CEPTI receive

search, circling CERKA seek, search

cereals CEREALI cereals

a certain … U CERTA … a certain …

ceru-men CERU wax

cervica-l CERVIKA neck

cis-Alpine CI here

  this = the here   U-CI   the-here = this

  plu-ral PLU-CI   these

cyano-sis CIANO blue

cycle CIKLO cycle, wheel

super-cili-ous CILIA eyelash

  SUPRACILIA   eyebrow

circulati-on CIRKULATI traffic

civi-c CIVI citizen

civil CIVILI civil, polite

civiliza-tion CIVILIZA civilize

city CIVITA city

-CO (Italian) the just-said


Ptero-dactyl   PTERO G   wing

DAKTILI G finger




de DE about

debi-t DEBI ought to

  PA DEBI   should have

  FU DEBI   shall have to

defecti-ve DEFEKTI defect, fault

  NO-DEFEKTI   all right, perfect

defi-ant DEFI challenge, defy

Deino-saur DEINO G terrible

  SAURU G   lizard

deco-rous DEKO seemly, dec-ent

delicat-e DELIKATE delicate

demo-crat DEMO G people

  KRATI G   govern, rule

demonstra-te DEMONSTRA prove, demonstrate

  Rhodo- RODO G rose, pink

dendro-n DENDRO G tree

    p. 29:

derma-titis DERMA G skin

desert DESERTA desert

describe DESKRIBE describe

detecti-ve DETEKTI find

dextro-us DEXTRO right-hand

di-ary DI day

dia-meter DIA G through

  METRI G   measure

diaboli-cal DIABOLI G devil, diabolical

dial DIALI dial

dic-ta-te DICE say, tell, speak

  DIKTA   dictate

diffusi-on DIFUSI broadcast

digi-t DIGI finger

diluti-on DILUTI dilute

dyna-mo DINA G force, compel

  PER DINA G   by force

DINAMO G power

diplo-id DIPLO G double

directi-on DIREKTI direction

disci-ple DISCI G learn

dissipa-te DISIPA waste

disko DISKO disk, plate

disputa-tion DISPUTA quarrel

dista-nt DISTA distant, far

distribu-te DISTRIBU distribute

divi-nation DIVI bet

divina-tion DIVINA bet, guess

divide DIVIDE divide, share

  BI-DIVIDE   even

  NO-BI-DIVIDE   odd

doci-le DOCI teach

domi-cile DOMI, -DO house, building

  PATO-DO   hospital

domina-te DOMINA dominate

dona-te DONA give

dorsa-l DORSA back, dorsal

drama DRAMA act

  DRAMA-FE   actress

hippo-   HIPO G   horse

drome DROMO G run, race

du-ration DU -ing

  PA DU RIDI   was laughing

  FU DU RIDI   will be laughing

dura-tion DURA continue, still

dubi-table DUBI doubt

con-duc-t DUCE lead, priority

  NO-DUCE   secondary

dur-ing DURANTO while, during

dulo-sis DULO G slave

    p. 30:

e-t cetera E and

educa-tion EDUKA educate

efficie-nt EFICIE efficient

egotisti-c EGOTISTI G selfish

eco- EKO G dwell, -ing

  nomy   NOMI G   theory, laws

elasti-c ELASTI G spring

electi-on ELEKTI electi-on

elektro-nic ELEKTRO electricity

elementa-ry ELEMENTA elementary

emotio-n EMOTIO emotion

energy ENERGI G energy

enigma-tic ENIGMA G puzzle

encounter ENKONTRA meet

dys-enter-y ENTERO G intestine

Eo-lithi-c EO G dawn

  LITO   stone

epi-taph EPI G on

  TAFO G   tomb

equal EQA is + noun

equilibrium EQILIBRI balance

equ-estrian EQUS horse

en-erg-y ERGO G work

erythro-cyte, red



  -cyte   KITO G   cell

erro-r ERO mistake

i.e. - id es ID ES it is

espionage ESPIO spy

an-esthe-tic   AN- G   not, un-

ESTE G feel, conscious

etio-logy ETIO G blame

  NON-ETIO   innocent

  AUTO-ETIO   shame, guilt

ethn-ic ETNO G race, nation


true, truth

eu- EU G good, -ness




medi-eva-l   MEDI   middle

EVA age, period

evide-nt EVIDE obvious

in-evita-ble EVITA avoid

evolve EVOLVE evolve

ex- EX out from

  -it   ITI   go

  iti-nera-ry   ITINERA   travel

examine EXAMINA examine

excessi-ve EXCESI excessive, too

expecta-tion EXPEKTA expect

experimenta-l EXPERIMENTA experiment

explode EXPLODE explode

extra-ct EXTRA outside

    p. 31:

fa-sci-cle -FA a set, bundle

faba-ceous FABA bean




fac-tory FACE make

facia-l FACIA face

facili-ty FACILI easy

  NO-FACILI   difficult

factua-l FAKTU fact

falli-ble FALI fail

falsi-fy FALSI wrong

family FAMILI family

famo-us FAMO famo-us

  NO-FAMO   insignificant

  EU-FAMO   glorious

fantasy FANTASI G imagine

farina-ceous FARINA flour, dust

fascina-te FASCINA fascinate

fatig-ue FATIGA tire, -d

  NO-FATIGA   fresh

favo-r FAVO favor

fe-minine FE she

faeces FECI excrement

feli-ne FELI cat

fenestra-tion FENESTRA window

fenn-el FENU hay



feral, wild



fermenta-tion FERMENTA ferment

trans-fer   TRANS   across

FERO carry

fertili-ty FERTILI fertile

ferr-ous FERU iron

fest-ive FESTI festival

fi-lament -FI thread, wire

fili-al FILI offspring

  fe-minine   FE-FILI   daughter




philo-sophy FILO G love

  SOFI G   wise

fini-sh FINI finish, end, finally

fisca-l FISKA tax

  MINUS F.   tax-free

  EXTRA-F.   customs

  IN-FISKA   excise

  PE-FISKA   income tax

  U FISKA-PE   tax-collector

fissu-re FISU crack

fix FIXA fix, tight, firm

flagella-te FLAGELA whip

in-fla-te FLA blow

flacci-d FLACI floppy

    p. 32:

flavor FLAVORO flavor

flexi-ble FLEXI bend

flocc-ulate FLOKA flake

flori-st FLORI flower

flu-ent FLU flow

fluid FLUIDI fluid

fluvia-l FLUVIA river

phob-ia FOBO G fear

focu-s FOKU focus, centre

folia-ge FOLIA leaf

tele-phone   TELE G   far, distant

FONO G sound

per-fora-te FORA hole

form FORMA form, shape

formic acid FORMIKA ant

forti-fy FORTI; FO- intense

fortuna-te FORTUNA chance

  BONI-F.   fortunate

  MALI-F.   unfortunate

  FO-F.   probable

fossi-l FOSI dig

photo- FOTO G light

  graphy   GRAFI G   draw

  NO-FOTO   dark, -ness

  MESO-FOTO   dim, twilight

dia-phragm   DIA G   across

FRAGMA G barrier, hedge

fract-ure FRAKTI break

  NO-GE-FRAKTI   unbroken

frater-nity FRATRI brother

frequent FREQE often

fria-ble FRIA crumble

frigi-d FRIGI cold

fric-tion FRIKA rub, wipe

fructi-vorous FRUKTI fruit

frustra-te FRUSTRA disappoint

fu-ture FU shall; fu-ture

fugi-tive FUGI flee

fumi-gate FUMI fumes, smoke

funda-ment-al FUNDA bottom

fungus FUNGU fungus

functio-n FUNKTIO function, useful

bi-furka-tion FURKA fork

furna-ce FURNA oven, bake

con-fuse FUSI pour

fusio-n FUSIO fusion

    p. 33:

Gaia, geo-logy GAIA G earth

yell GALINA chicken

bi-gamy GAME G marry

  U GAME-PE   a spouse

  NO-GE-GAME   unmarried

gas GASI gas

gastro- GASTRO G stomach

  nomy   NOMI G   theory




gem GEMA bud, gem

  hydro-   HIDRO G   water

gen GENE G get, receive

  PA GENE   got

  GE-   got-

geli-d, gl-acier GELI freeze

geneti-c GENETI G inherit

general GENERALI general

genu-flect GENU knee

geo- GEO G earth

  graphy   GRAFI G   write

gyra-te GIRA G rotate, whirl

glabro-us GLABRO smooth

glacia-l GLACIA ice

gland GLANDI acorn, gland

glen-oid GLENA socket

gliss-ando (mus.) GLISA slip, slide

glossa-ry GLOSA G tongue, language

gluco-se GLUKO G sweet, nice

  NO-GLUKO   un-pleasant

glume GLUMA chaff, husk

glutto-n GLUTO swallow

tri-   TRI G   three

  gono- GONO G angle, corner

  metry   METRI G   measure

  BRAKI-GONO   elbow

  PODA-GONO (or GENU)   knee

  IN-GE-GONO   dove-tailed

gradu-ally GRADU pace, step

tele-   TELE G   far, distant

  graphy GRAFO write

  -gram GRAMA G letter

GRAM-AMI G pen-friend

grammatica-l GRAMATIKA G grammar

grand GRANDI grand, noble

grati-tude GRATIA thanks

gratis GRATIS without payment

con-gratula-te GRATULA congratulate

gravi-ty GRAVI heavy, serious, especially

  NO-GRAVI   unimportant

gravita-te, gravit-y GRAVITA gravity

    p. 34:

grega-rious GREGA party, a society

  GREGA-VOLU   sociable

  ANTI-GREGA opposition party

pro-   PRO   forward towards

gress GRESI walk

guard GUARDIA guard

gutt-er GUTA a drop


have HABE have, possess

habitu-al HABITU habit

hagio-latry HAGIO G sacred

  HAGIO-PE   saint

  LATRI   worship

hedo-nist HEDO G pleasure

helico-pter HELIKA G helix

  PTERO G   wing

helio-trope HELI G sun

  TROPI G   turn

  HELI-RADIA   sun-shine, -rays

hemo-rrhage HEMA G blood

  RAGI G   burst forth

hepa-titis HEPA G liver

ad-hesi-ve HESI stick, -y

hetero HETERO G different

  -dox   DOXO G   opinion

hia-tus HIAO G yawn

hydro-gen HIDRO G water

hier- HIERI G priest

  -archy   ARKI G   govern

hyper- HIPER G over, above

hypo-dermi-c HIPO G below

hyster-ek-tomy HISTERA G womb

  EX G   out



histo-logy HISTO G tissue, weave

histori-cal HISTORI G history, story

hol-istic medicine HOLO G whole, complete, -ly

homi-cide HOMI a person

  CIDE   kill

homo-gen-eous HOMO G same

Hordea (Bot.) HORDEA barley

horizo-ntal HORIZO G lie, horizontal

hormo-ne HORMO G urge, stir up

horo-logist HORO G hour, time

horti-culture HORTI garden, park

hospi-tality HOSPI guest

hospita-lity HOSPITA entertain

humidi-ty HUMIDI moist, damp

    p. 35:

psych-iatry IATRI G doctor, heal

i. e. = id es-t ID ES it is

idea IDEA G idea, thought

idio-m IDIO G unique, private

igni-te IGNI fire



not know

ichn-eumon IKNO G track, footprint

icono-clast IKONO G image, idol

  KLASTI G   smash

ichthy-ology IKTI G fish

imagina-tion IMAGINA imagine



shower of rain

IMBRIKA overlap

imita-te IMITA imitate

impact IMPAKTI stroke, blow

impedi-ment IMPEDI impede, hinder

imperio-us IMPERIO command, rule

importa-nt IMPORTA important

immuni-ty IMUNI safe, immune

in IN in

to-in AD-IN in-to

indica-te INDIKA point to, hint

industri-al INDUSTRI industry

inertia INERTI inertia

infanti-le INFANTI child

infinity INFINITI infinit-e, -y



inflate, swell

influ-ence INFLU influence

info-rmation INFO information

infra-red INFRA below, under

include INKLUDE include

insect INSEKTI insect

insignia INSIGNI flags, badges etc

instrument INSTRUMENTA instrument, tool

insula-r INSULA island

insura-nce INSURA insurance

inter-val INTER between, among




intestina-l INTESTINA intestine, gut

    p. 36:

intra-uteri-ne INTRA inside

  UTERI   womb

invest INVESTI invest

in-volve INVOLVE wrap in

irid-escent IRIDI G rainbow

iso-sceles ISO identical, equal

re-itera-te ITERA again

itinera-ry ITINERA travel


yes JA yes

ad-jace-nt JACE lie

janu-ary JANU door

pro-ject   PRO   forward

JEKTI throw




ad-judica-te JUDIKA judge, decide

con-juga-l JUGA join

ab-jur-e JURA swear

justi-ce JUSTI just, -ice

ju-ve-nile JUVE young

JU-FE girl

JU-AN boy


be-ca-use KA as, for = be-ca-use

de-cade-nt KADE fall

caco-phony KAKO very bad, evil

calli-graphy KALI beautiful

calyx KALICI cup, calyx

calcula-te KALKULA pebble, calculate



on ground

  LEONI   lion

cambio KAMBIO exchange

camera KAMERA, -KA room

campan-ula KAMPANI bell

canali-ze KANALI canal, ditch, groove

cancel KANCELA cancel

cancer KANCERI crab, cancer

cani-ne KANI dog

canta-ta KANTA sing

capilla-ry KAPILA hair

capital KAPITALA capital

chapter KAPITULA chapter

caps-ule KAPSA parcel

capti-vate KAPTI catch

carbo-n KARBO coal

in-carcera-te KARCERA prison

cardia-c KARDIA G heart

cardina-l KARDINA hinge

cargo KARGO load

    p. 37:

carni-vor-ous KARNI flesh, meat

  VORA   eat

car-ess KARO X! Dear X!

carpe-t KARPE pluck, harvest



carpus KARPUS wrist

card KARTA card

carton KARTONA cardboard

case-in KASEA cheese

in the case of KASO in the case of

cata-strophi-c KATA G downwards

  STROFI G   turn

catena KATENA chain

cauda-l KAUDA tail

cauli-flower KAULI stalk

causa-tion KAUSA because of

caverno-us KAVERNO cave

cavit-y KAVITA cavity, hollow

  POLI  KAVITA   spongy, porous

cepha-lic KEFA G head

cerami-c KERAMI G clay, pottery

kerati-n KERATI G horn

ki-nema KI G go

kilo-gram KILO G thousand

kine-tic KINE G move

leuco-cyte   LEUKO G   white

KITO G cell

cysti-c KISTI G cyst, bladder

clari-fy KLARI explain, clarify

classi-fy KLASI class, -ify

clavi-chord KLAVI key, to lock

  KLAVI-ME   a lock

clepto-maniac KLEPTO G thieve, rob

cli-nic, re-cli-ne KLI G bed

in-clina-tion KLINA slope

clima-te KLIMA G weather

chloro-phyll KLORO G green



  KLORO-LO   oasis

in-clu-ding KLU even

in-clude KLUDE shut, close

co-n-tact KO(N) with

codi-fy KODI code

cogita-te KOGITA think hard

  MEGA  K.   thoughtful

cognat-e KOGNATI relative

cockle KOKLEA snail

melan-choly   MELANO G   black

KOLE G bile

co-incide KO-INCIDE coincide

colea KOLEA sheath

collegi-ate KOLEGI college

collecti-on KOLEKTI collect

    p. 38:

chole-ri-c KOLERI anger

colony KOLONI colony

columbi-ne KOLUMBI dove, pigeon

column KOLUMNI column

combina-tion KOMBINA combine

command KOMANDA command




commence KOMENCE begin

commerci-al KOMERCI trade, commerce

comet KOMETA G long hair

comfort KOMFORTA comfort

comica-l KOMIKA G comical

committee KOMITI committee

KOMO? How?

company KOMPANI company

compari-son KOMPARI compare

compensa-te KOMPENSA compensate

competi-tion KOMPETI compete

ac-compli-sh KOMPLI accomplish

complica-tion KOMPLIKA complicate

composi-tion KOMPOSI compose

communi-ty KOMUNI sharing

communica-te KOMUNIKA communicate

con-tact KO(N) with

concessi-on KONCESI lease

counsel KONSILI advise

conditio-n KONDITIO condition

confessi-on KONFESI confess

  GE-KONFESI   admittedly

conformi-ty KONFORMI conform

confusi-on KONFUSI confuse

con-gru-ent GRU fit, adapt

concho-logy KONKO shell

conifero-us KONIFERO Conifer




conflu-ence KONFLU conflu-ence

confusi-on KONFUSI mix

concavi-ty KONKAVI concave

consist KONSISTE stand firm

consci-ous KONSKI conscious

consola-tion KONSOLA console

consume KONSUME consume

contextu-al KONTEXTU context

continenta-l KONTINENTA continent

ac-count KONTO account

contra-dic-t KONTRA opposite

control KONTROLA control

convexi-ty KONVEXI convex

Cope-pod KOPA oar, row

copula-te KOPULA to mate

    p. 39:

coryna KORINA G club, bat

coryza KORIZA cold in head

cosmo-naut KOSMO G world, universe



cosmeti-c KOSMETI  G cosmetic

costa-l, coast KOSTA rib, side, coast

cotton KOTONA cotton

cush-ion KOXA hip, thigh

crania-l KRANIA G skull, cranium

crater KRATERA G basin

pluto-crat   PLUTO G   rich

KRATI G govern

credi-ble KREDI believe

credit KREDITO credit, lend

cresce-ndo KRESCE grow

crest KRESTA crest

creta-ceous KRETA chalk



to separate

cribri-form KRIBRI sieve

crypti-c KRIPTI G hide

chrys- KRISO G golden

anth-emum   ANTO G   flower

crisi-s KRISI G crisis

crysta-l KRISTA G frost

crystalli-ne KRISTALI G ice

critici-ze KRITICI G criticize

  AUTO-KRITICI   conscience

  NO-KRITICI   undiscriminating

poly-chrome   POLI G   many

KROMA G color

syn-   SIN G   with, together

chron-ize KRON G instant

  pre-   PRE-KRON   early

  po-st   PO-KRON   late

cruci-fix KRUCI cross

cubi-c KUBI cube

cook KUKO cook

cucumber KUKURBI cucumber

coulter, cutlery KULTELA knife

culti-vate KULTI care for, tend

  GE-KULTI   culti-vated

re-cumbe-nt KUMBE lie down

ac-cumu-late KUMU heap

cune-iform KUNE wedge

cupra KUPRA copper, Cu

cura-tor KURA care, concern, wary

  AUTO-KURA   self-interested

  NO-KURA   careless, indifferent

  PRE-KURA   precaution

curv-ature KURVA curve

  EX-KURVA   convex

  IN-KURVA   concave

    p. 40:

ce livre-la (Fr.) LA there

  U-LA   the-there = that

labia-l LABIA lip

labor LABORA labor, work

lacrimo-se LAKRIMA tear (weeping)

lactii-c acid LAKTI milk

lake LAKU lake

echo-lali-a LALI G chatter

lamina-ted LAMINA slice, plate

lamp LAMPA G lamp

lan-olin LANA wool

land LANDA land

de-lapida-ted LAPIDA stone

re-lapse LAPSE slip, slide

larva LARVA larva

laisser faire! LASE let

latex LATICI rubber, latex

ido-latry LATRI G worship

lat-eral LATU side

laud LAUDA praise, esteem

  NO-LAUDA   disapproval

  MEGA  LAUDA   admire, eulogy

  FALSI  LAUDA   flattery

  U LAUDA-GRAFO   testimonial

lava-tory LAVA wash

re-lax LAXA loose

lega-l LEGA law

  NO-LEGA   illegal

  ANTI-LEGA   crime, criminal

  U LEGA PROMISE   legal contract

  U LEGA-DO   a law court

legumi-nous LEGUMI peas, beans

lect-ure LEKTO read

lenti-cular LENTI lens

lento (music) LENTO slow

Lepido-ptera LEPIDO G scale

  PTERO G   wing

lepton (atom) LEPTO G slender

leuk-em-ia LEUKO G white

  HEMO G   blood

e-leva-tor LEVA lift, raise

al-levia-te LEVIA light (weight)

laevo-rotatory LAEVO left-hand

liabili-ty LIABILI responsible

libe-rate LIBE free

  NO-LIBE   dependent

  LIBE-TEM   leisure

  U  LIBE-DI   a holiday

    p. 41:

equi-libr-ium LIBRA a balance, scales

  LIBELA   level

  DELIBERA   weigh in mind

liberal LIBERALI generous

  NO-LIBERALI   mean-minded

libido LIBIDO desire, lust

liga-ture LIGA tie, bind

ligni-n LIGNI wood

lick LIKO G lick

pre-limina-ry   PRE   before

LIMINA threshold

limit LIMITA limit, bound, rather

s-lim-e LIMO G mud

  LIMAX   snail

limno-logy LIMNO G marsh, lake

line LINE line, stripe

lin-en LINUM flax

lingu-ist LINGUA tongue, language

rele-linqui-sh LINQI leave behind

lipo-id LIPO G fat (chem.)

liqui-d LIQI liquid

ana-lysi-s LISI G to separate

litora-l LITORA shore

litera-l LITERA letter (abc)

paleo-lith-ic   PALEO G   old

LITO G stone

loca-l LOKA place, put

lo-cal -LO place

bio-logy   BIO G   life

LOGI G understand

logica-l LOGIKA G to reason

longi-tude LONGI long, length

lose LOSE lose

lubrica-te LUBRIKA to oil

luci-d LUCI clear, transparent

re-lucta-nt LUKTA struggle

lumi-nous LUMI light

luna-r LUNA moon


ma-teria-l -MA / MATERIA material, stuff

ma-jority MA more

magica-l MAGIKA G magic

magneti-c MAGNETI G magnet-ism

machine MAKINA G machine

im-macula-te MAKULA spot, stain

mallea-ble MALEA hammer

mali-cious MALI bad

mamma-l MAMA female breast

    p. 42:

morn-ing MANA morning

  7 morn-ing   SETI-MANA   week

mandible MANDIBULA jaw

manu-fac-ture MANU hand

Margar-et MARGARI pearl

mari-ne MARI sea

margina MARGINA edge, curb

marsu-pial MARSU G pocket

mass-ive MASI mass

massage MASAGE massage



learn-ing, lesson

ma-teria-l MATERIA, -MA matter

matri- MATRI mother

  arch   ARKI G   authority, rule

matin-s MATINA morning

matur-e MATURA ripe, mature

maxi-mum MAXI most, -est

-me-chani-c -ME, MEKANI G machine, device




media MEDIA media (info)

medica-l MEDIKA medical

medio-cre MEDIO average

mediu-m MEDIU medium (spirit)

mega-lith MEGA G big

  LITO G   stone

di-mi-nish MEI G less

melan-choly MELANO G black

  KOLE G   bile, -chole

melli- MELI G honey

  flu-ous   FLU   flow

melody MELODI G song

a-melorate MELIORA improve

memo-ry MEMO remember

meno-pause MENO G month

  PAUSA G   pause, stop

me-asure MENSA counter

menta-l MENTA mind

sub-merge MERGE dive

merit-orious MERITO deserve

merc-antile MERKA buy

poly-mer   POLI G   many

MERO G bit, piece

mercury MERKURI messenger

meso-potamia MESO G middle, between

  POTAMI G   river



alter, change

metalli-c METALI G metal

metri-c METRI G measure

me MI I, me, my

  U-MI   mine

    p. 43:

mica MIKA crumb, chip

micro- MIKRO G tiny

  scope   SKOPE G   observe, look at

military MILITA war, battle, strife

  IN-MILITA   revolt, mutiny

  VIA MILITA   street brawl

mine MINA mine (coal etc)

mini-mum MINI least

minus MINUS without, lack

minut-e MINUTA minute

mira-cle MIRA wonder, amazement

  … NO-MIRA   ordinary




mis- MIS- mis-, wrongly

missile MISILI missile

mis- MISO G hate, hostile

  anthrop-ist   ANTROPO G   (wo)mankind

  FO-MISO   loathe

mysteri-ous MISTERI G mystery

mix MIXA mix

mobili-ty MOBILI & -MO furniture

mode MODE way, fashion

model MODELA model

molecula-r MOLEKULA molecule

moll-usc MOLI soft

moneta-ry MONETA coin

monito-r MONITO warn, advise

de-monstra-te MONSTRA show

Monte Carlo MONTI mountain

morda-nt MORDA bite

morali-ze MORALI moral

mor-al, more-s MORE custom, habit

morta-l MORTA death

moti-on MOTI move, put

motiva-te MOTIVA motivate

mu-ltitude MU they, them, their

muc-us MUCI slime, mucus

multipli-cation MULTIPLI multiply

mura-l MURA wall

musica-l MUSIKA G music

moss MUSKI moss

muscula-r MUSKULA muscle

muta-tion MUTA change

mutua-l MUTUA reciprocal


na-m (Rus.) NA we, us, our

narco-tic NARKO G drunk

nasa-l NASA nose

nati-ve NATI birth

    p. 44:

natio-n NATIO nation

nature NATURA nature




navy NAVI ship, boat

ne-gative NE not

nebu-la NEBU mist, fog

nece-ssary NECE must, have to

  PA/ FU NECE   had to/ will have to

nepho-logy NEFO cloud

nega-tive NEGA behave negatively

negoti-ate NEGOTI do business

necto-n NEKTO G swim

neo- NEO G new

  lith-ic   LITO G   stone

nephro-logy NEFRO kidney

nervo-us NERVO nerve

poly-   POLI G   many

  nesia NESIA G island

neutra-l NEUTRA neutral

nexu-s NEXU nexus, tie, net-work

nei-ther … n-or NI … NI neither … nor

nicti-tate NIKTI G wink

nidi-fic-ation NIDI nest

  FIK = FACE   make






nature goddess

Neva-da NIVI snow

No! NO! No!

no- NO- (forms opposites)

nod-e NODI knot

noctu-rnal NOKTU night

in-noc-ent NOKU harm, damage

  NO-NOKU   harmless

eco-nomy   EKO G   dwell

NOMI theory

nomina-te NOMINA name

norma-l NORMA normal, standard

  NO-NORMA   unorthodox

not-e NOTA note

nov-el NOVA news item

now NU now

nudi-ty NUDI bare, naked

nuc-leus NUKI nut

nuclea-r NUKLEA nucleus

nulli-fy NULI nulli, -fy, cancel

numera-l NUMERA count

pro-nuncia-tion NUNCI announce

nupti-als NUPTI marriage ceremony

nuta-tion NUTA nod

    p. 45:

obe-y OBE obey

obesi-ty OBESI fat, obese

occide-nt OCIDE west, western

odio-us ODI hate

odoro-us ODORO smell, odor

offer OFERE offer

  NON-OFERE   withhold

occasio-nal OKASIO opportunity

ocu-list OKU eye

petr-ole-um   PETRO G   rock

OLE oil

olfac-tory OLFACE smell

olig-archy OLIGO G few

  ARKI G   rule

opini-on OPINI opine

oppressi-on OPRESI oppress

ordina-l ORDINA to grade, rank

organi-c ORGANI G organ

organism ORGANIMSO G organism

ori-gin ORI to rise

orienta-l ORIENTA east

origi-n ORIGI origin

orna-te ORNA decorate

ortho-dox ORTO G upright

  DOXO G   opinion

or-al OS mouth, face

oscilla-te OSCILA oscillate

in-oscula-te OSKULA kiss

osteo-pathy OSTEO G bone

  PATO G   sick

ostrac-ize OSTRAKA G shell

otio-se OTIO idle

oti-tis OTI G ear

ova-l OVA egg

ovi-ne OVIS sheep

oxy-gen OXI sharp

oxydi-ze OXIDI G oxydize, rust


pa-st PA past, did, -ed

paci-fy PACI peace

pa-y PAGA pay (paci-fies)

pagina-tion PAGINA page

pachy-derm PAKI G thick, fat

  DERMA G   skin

paleo-lith-ic PALEO G old

  LITO G   stone

pali-sade PALI post, stake

palpa-te PALPA examine by touch

paluda-l PALUDA marsh

pan-orama PANTO all, every

  PANTO-PE   every-body

  PANTO-RA   every-thing

Papilio- PAPILIO butterfly

    p. 46:

paper PAPIRA paper

para-site PARA G beside

  SITO G   food

para-lysi-s PARA G at side

  LISI G   loosen

pardo-n PARDO forgive

pare-nta-l PARE give birth

  PARENTA   parent

pass PASA pass

participa-te PARTICIPA participate

pastor PASTORA shepherd

sym-pathy   SIM G   with

PATO G suffer

patri-arch PATRI G father

  ARKI G   rules

pecca-dillo PEKA sin

pe-rsona-l PE-RSONA; -PE person

ped-estrian PEDI foot

pectina-te PEKTINA comb

pelica-n PELEKI G axe

pende-nt PENDE hang




  INSULA   island

penis PENIS tail, brush, penis

penicilli-n PENCILA pencil

PENICILI a brush-fungus

penite-nt PENITE sorry

dys/eu-pepsi-a PEPSI G digest

per PER by means of

perfekti-on PERFEKTI perfect

peri-scope PERI G around

  SKOPE G   look, search

im-pet-us PETI G rush

petitio-n PETITIO try to get

petro-oleum PETRO G rock

  OLE G   oil

piezo-electric PIEZO G press

calli-pyga-l   KALI G   beautiful

PIGA G buttocks

  KALI-PIGA G   beautiful buttocks

pica-dor PIKA prick, pierce

picr-ic acid PIKRO G bitter

picto-rial PIKTO picture

pinna-te PINA feather

pyrami-d PIRAMI G pyramid

pyr-us PIRUS G pear

pyro-technic PIRO G fire

pisci-ne PISKI fish

pla-teau PLA shelf

please PLACE please

plac-enta PLAKA cake, slab

    p. 47:

plankto-n PLANKTO G float

plan-e PLANO flat

planta PLANTA plant

plasti-c PLASTI G shape, mould

plati-tude PLATI flat, wide

ple-nty PLE full, fill

pleio-cene PLEIO G more (number)

pleisto-cene PLEISTO G most (number)

solar plex-us PLEXI interweaving, net

com-plica-ted PLIKA fold

plu-ral PLU more than one

PLU-CI these = the-here

PLU-LA those = the-there

PLURA several

plum-e PLUMA feather

plumb-er PLUMBA lead

plus PLUS additional

pluto-crat PLUTO G rich

  KRATI G   govern

pluvio-meter PLUVI rain

  METRI G   measure

pneumo-nia PNEUMO G breathe

pneumon-ia PNEUMATI G lungs

pre-po-st-erous PRE before

PO after

tri-pod PODA G leg, limb

poe-sy, poe-try POEIA G create

POESI G poetry

pola-r POLA pole (geog.)




polemi-c POLEMI G war, dispute

poly-techni-c POLI G many

  TEKNO G   skills

polic-e POLICA G police

polio POLIO G grey






politica-l POLITIKA G politics

pome-grana-te POME apple

  GRANA   seed

ponde-rous PONDE weigh

pont-oon PONTI bridge




  GRAFO G   write

porta-l PORTA door

possi-bly POSI perhaps, might

posta-l POSTA post, mail

postula-te POSTULA suppose

hippo-potamus   HIPO G   horse

POTAMO G river

poste-rior POSTE behind

pote-nt POTE able, can

pove-rty POVE poor

    p. 48:

post-prandi-al PRANDI dinner

praxi-s PRAXI practise

pre-vious PRE before

preca-rious PREKA pray

preci-ous PRECI price

premi-um PREMI prize

precise PRECISE precise

prepara-tion PREPARA prepare

pressu-re PRESU press

privileg-e PRIVILEGI a right, privilege

pro PRO in favor of

proba-ble PROBA prove

produce PRODUCE produce

profund-ity PROFUNDA deep

program PROGRAMA program




promise PROMISE promise

propaga-te PROPAGA propagate

propos-e PROPOSI propose

proprie-tor PROPRIE to own

prosa-ic PROSA prose

protesta-tion PROTESTA protest, grumble

proto-type PROTO G first

ap-proxi-mate PROXI near

pruri-ent PRURI itch



pluck (music)



pebble = vote

pseudo-nym PSEUDO G false

psycho-logy PSIKO G mind

helico-pter   HELIKO G   helix

PTERO G wing

publica-tion PUBLIKA publish

im-pude-nt PUDE shame, disgust




pugna-cious PUGNA fight

pulmona-ry PULMO lung

puls-e PULSA pulse

pulve-rize PULVE dust, powder

pill-o-w PULVINA pillow

punge-nt PUNGE sting

puni-sh PUNI punish

punctu-ation PUNKTU dot

puri-fy PURI pure, clean

pusi-ll-animous PUSI little

  ANIMA   mind, soul

com-pute-r PUTA think

PUTA-ME computer

    p. 49:

qua QA in character of

quadra-ngle QADRA square, frame

qualit-y QALITA quality

quantit-y QANTITA quantity

quant-ity QANTO? How much/ many?

que-stion QE? begins Yes/No qst.

questio-n QESTIO question, inquisitive

question words …, QI …, who (Rel. prn.)

QO? What …?

QO-KA? Why = What-ca-use

QO-TE? Why = What-aim

QOD what = that which


ReAl RA thing

rabi-es RABI mad

radi-cal RADI root

radia-te RADIA radiate

radio RADIO radio

rami-fy RAMI branch

rapidi-ty RAPIDI rapid

rap-e RAPI seize

razor RAZO scrape

ratio RATIO rate, ratio

react REAKTI react

reali REALI real

research RECERKA research




reflecti-on REFLEKTI reflect

regi-me REGI ruler

recti-linear REKTI straight

registra-tion REGISTRA record

relati-on RELATI relation

relativi-ty RELATIVI relative

religio-n RELIGIO religion

ad-rena-l RENA kidney

rentier RENTIERA rentier

dia-rrhea REO G flow, current

repara-tion REPARA repair, cure

report REPORTA report

represent REPRESENTA represent

repti-le REPTI creep, crawl

residu-e RESIDU remain

resista-nce RESISTA resist, strong

respect RESPEKTO respect







rest RESTA stay behind

reti-na RETI net-work

    p. 50:

retro-spec-t RETRO backwards

  SPEKU   look

rigi-dity RIGI rigi-d

ridi-cule RIDI laugh

rhino-cero-s RINO G nose



risk RISKO danger

ritu-al RITU rite, ceremony

rhizo-me RIZO G root

inter-roga-te ROGA ask

rode-nt RODE gnaw

rhodo- RODO rose

  dendro-n   DENDRO G   tree

roll ROLA roll

romance ROMANCE romance

romanti-c ROMANTI romantic

ros-e ROSA pink, rose

rostru-m ROSTRA beak

rota-te ROTA wheel

  2-rota-te   BI-ROTA   bi-cycle

round RONDO round

inst-ru-ment RU instRUment, tool

ruby RUBI red

rude-ral RUDE rubbish

cor-ruga-ted RUGA rough

ruptu-re RUPTU break

rura-l RURA country (not town)


sadi-st SADI cruel

sadisti-c SADISTI hunter

sagitta SAGITA arrow

sack SAKA sack

sacr-ed SAKRI sacred

sali-ne SALI salt

salmo-n SALMO salmon

in-sult SALTA jump

saluta-tion SALUTA greet

salva-tion SALVA save

sani-tation SANI healthy

Homo sapi-ens SAPI wise

sapo-naceous SAPO soap

sapro-phyte SAPRO G rot

  FITO G   plant

sati-sfy SATI enough

se-lf SE self

sed SED but

sed-entary SEDI sit

seis-mo-logy SEISO G shake

sec-tion SEKA cut

secretary SEKRETARI secretary

    p. 51:

sema-phore SEMA G gesture, sign

  FERO   carry

  KEFA-SEMA   nod

  OKU-SEMA   wink

  TIPO-SEMA   punctuation mark

seman-tics SEMANI G mean

sensi-tive SENSI sense

sensitive SENSITIVI sensitive




con-seque-nce SEQE follow, result

seri-es SERI list, series

servi-ce SERVI serve

severe-ty SEVERI strict, severe

sexu SEXU sex

si SI if

SIO would (-if)

sibila-te SIBILA whistle

de-sicca-ted SIKA dry

signifi-cant SIGNIFI mean

Penn-sylva-nia SILVA wood, forest

simia SIMIA monkey, ape

sympathy SIMPATI G sympathy

sympto-n SIMPTO G clue, sympton

simula-te SIMULA simulate

sistema-tic SISTEMA tidy, systematic

para-sit-e   PARA G   beside

SITO G food

e-scala-tor SKALA ladder, stairs

scap-ula SKAPA shoulder

de-scen-d SKANA scan

skeleto-n SKELETO G framework

schema-tic SKEMA G plan

a-scend SKENDE climb

scene SKENI G stage (theatre)




sci-ence SKI know

SKIENCE science

schizo-phreni-a SKIZO G split



sclero-sis SKLERO G hard

scho-ol SKO G instruct

tele-scope SKOPE G observe

  NO-SKOPE G   un-observant

scoto-phobia SKOTO G darkness

de-scribe SKRIBE write



examine closely

scute, scutt-le SKUTA shield, screen

social SOCIALI social

    p. 52:

societ-y SOCIETA society

philo-sophy SOFI G wis-e, -dom

  NO-SOFI   foolish, unwise

sola-r SOLA sun

solemni-ty SOLEMNI solemn

solidi-ty SOLIDI solid

solo SOLO alone

solve SOLVE solve

psycho-soma-tic SOMA G body

in-somni-a SOMNI sleep

sound, sonde SONDA probe, examine

super-soni-c SONI sound

soror-ity SORORA sister

space SPACE space

spasm SPASMO G jerk

spat-ula SPATA spade

spatula SPATULA spoon

pro-spe-r SPE hope

speci-es SPECI a kind, sort, for example

specula-te SPEKULA mirror

spend SPENDE spend

sperma SPERMA G seed

re-spira-tion SPIRA breathe

spora-dic SPORA G scatter

sport SPORTA sport

spirit SPIRITU spirit

sponta-neous SPONTA free, unbidden

sta-nd STA stand

stabili-ty STABILI stable

stagna-nt STAGNA pond

state STATO state

station STATIO to park

statue STATUA statue

status STATUS status

Stego-sauru-s STEGO G roof

  SAURU G   lizard

steno-graphy STENO G narrow

  GRAFO G   write

sti-mulate STI G switch on

stimula-te STIMULA G excite

sto-p STO switch off

stoma-ch STOMA mouth

store STORA store

strata STRATA street

strategy STRATEGI G cunning

strepto-coccus STREPTO G twist

study STUDE study

    p. 53:

stupe-fy STUPE astound

stupidi-ty STUPIDI stupid

sub-mari-ne SUB under

  MARI   sea

sudden SUBITO sudden

succeed SUCEDE succeed

sudo-rific SUDO sweat

su-ture SUE sew

suck SUGO suck

swi-ne SUI swine, pig

succu-lent SUKU juice, succulent

sum SUMA sum

summari-ze SUMARI summarize

as-sume SUME take

supr-eme SUPRA over, upstairs

sur-e SURA sure

sur-face SU-FACIA surface

in-surge-nt SURGE rise


ta-ntamount TA so very

tab-le TABA board

tabl-e TABLA table

tabula-te TABULA table (times etc)

taci-t TACI be silent

tange-nt TANGE touch

tant-amount TANTO so much/ many

tape-stry TAPE G carpet, rug

tarsu-s TARSU ankle

taxo-nomy TAXO G classify

in-te-nd TE in order to

tea TEA tea

in-tegu-ment TEGU cover

disco-theque   DISKO G   disk

TEKA G box

techno-logy TEKNO G skill, clever

archi-tect   ARKI G   chief

TEKTO G build

them-e TEMA G theme, topic

tem-porary TEM time, while

  TEM DONA   lend

  TEM GENE   borrow

tempest TEMPESTU storm

tena-cious TENA hold, keep

in-tend TENDE aim, purpose

tensio-n TENSIO stretch, tension

tenta-tive TENTA try

theory TEORI G theory

  Medi-   MEDI middle

terra-nean TERA earth, soil

    p. 54:

thermo-meter TERMO G heat, warm

testi-fy TESTI witness

type TIPO G type, print

tympan-um TIMPANI G drum




tolera-nt TOLERA patient

topo-graphy TOPO G spot, place

toxi-c TOXI G poison

tracto-r TRAKTO pull

trans-fer TRANS across

trauma TRAUMA G shock

train TRENA train

tribuna-l TRIBUNA law court

trist-e TRISTI sad

troppo (music) TRO too, excessive

heli-o-trop-e   HELI G   sun

TROPI G turn

triticu-m TRITIKU wheat

thou, tu (French) du (German) TU you

tub-e TUBI tube, pipe

tumo-r TUMO G swell, -ing

tunnel TUNELI tunnel

dis-turba-nce TURBA disturb

  NO-TURBA   calm (of sea)

  GE-TURBA   agitated

  MEGA TURBA   upheaval

  GEO TURBA   earth-quake


un-ite U(N) a, the, any

ultima-te ULTIMA last

ultra-violet ULTRA beyond

ulula-te ULULA howl, wail

umbra-ge UMBRA shade, shadow

undu-late UNDA wave

ungu-lates UNGU nail, hoof, claw

uni-te UNI unite

unio-n UNIO meet

unita UNITA unit

uniform UNIFORMI regular

universa-l UNIVERSA universa

universit-y UNIVERSITA university

a-pe-rson UNO-PE some-body

a-thing UNO-RA some-thing

ur- UR original

Urani-um URANI sky, heaven

urba-n URBA town

urina-te URINA urina-te

uteri-ne UTERI womb

uti-lize UTI use

    p. 55:

vaga-bond VAGA wander

vagina VAGINA sheath, vagina

vagon VAGONA car, vehicle

vacu-um VAKU empty

vale-tudinary VALE farewell

valley VALI valley

valu-e VALU value

VALUTA money

valv-e VALVA valve, tap

vani-ty VANI vain, worthless

vapo-r VAPO vapor, steam

  rota-te   VAPO-ROTA   steam-turbine

va-se VASA, -VA container

vegeta-ble VEGETA vegetable

vecto-r VEKTO carry

veil VELA veil

veil VELI sail

vendo-r VENDO sell

circum-ven-t   CIRKA   around

VENI come

venti-late VENTI wind

veri-ty VERI true, correct

verba-l VERBA word

vermi-celli VERMI worm

re-vers-al VERSI go back, return

in-vert VERTE upside down, inside out

wasp VESPA wasp

vesper-s VESPERA evening

vest VESTI, -VE garment

veto VETO forbid

via VIA way, road

voyage VIAGIA travel, voyage

vice-president etc VICE instead of, replace

  pro-   PRO   forward

vide VIDE see

vigi-lant VIGI awake

    p. 56:

vici-nity, -wick VIKI village, -wick

victo-ry VIKTO victory

vine, wine VINI wine

victim VIKTIMI victim

viole-nt VIOLE attack

visit VISITA visit

vista VISTA view, visible

viti-cult-ure VITI vine

vitri-ne VITRI glass

vita-l VITA life

voca-l VOKA voice

voci-ferate VOCI shout

volu-ntary VOLU want

volumi-nous VOLUMI volume

herbi-vor-ous   HERBI   grass, herbs

VORA eat

vulne-rable VULNE wound

vulga-r VULGA common

vulpine VULPI fox


xantho-phyll XANTO G yellow

xeno-phile XENO G strange, foreign

  FILO G   love

xylo-phone XILO G wood


ze-ro ZERO zero

-ZE -ty in 20, 30 etc

zealo-us ZELO G enthusiastic

zygo-te ZIGO G join

en-zym-e ZIMA G yeast

zon-e ZONA, -ZO a ring

zoo-logy ZOA G animal

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