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Learning- and Textmaterial

“18 Steps to Fluency in Euro-Glosa”. The official description of Glosa as a handbook. In German (pdf), in Russian.

A Glosa starting kit. Glosa Basic Reference (English), “Grundwissen Glosa” (German).

Introducción a Glosa (Spanish).

A Glosa grammar. A draft by Robin Gaskell. In Russian.

A Glosa grammar. Notes by Carmelo Mico Ranibakt.

Seminar 1 about Glosa’s word order (syntax). In German. Nearly identical is the text “word order”.)

Seminar 2 about verbs in Glosa (and in German Seminar 2)

Writing Hints

History of the language Glosa (pdf).

Glosa Mechanics Glosa-English-Portuguese (doc).

Glosatra, a translation-helper.

Lancelot Hogben, “Interglossa” (1943). Pprepared by John R. Kay and William Patterson.

“Plu Glosa Nota”, a Glosa newspaper.

A Collection of texts from other websites) put together.

Individual texts

Un Hedo Prince, Oscar Wilde (Glosa by Wendy Ashby)

L’élixir du Révérend Père Gaucher, Alphonse Daudet.

Roberti, Syd Pidd.

Textos breves Glosa-Español.

Pusi Glosa Kristo-Bibli. Excerpts from the Bible.

Bahá’i Texts. Texts of the Bahá’i religion.

Bhagavad Gita. Masterpiece of Hinduism, an excerpt.

Qo akti?, Mathilde ter Heijne (Netherlands). A “video installation”.

Listening Samples from the 90s.

Justi. A newsletter in Esperanto and Glosa.

List of printed publications.

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