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Glosa blogs

Paul Hanks (France) — Gary R. Miller (US, ND) — Robin Gaskell (Australia) — The website Glosa · org

William T. Branch: Glosa learning cards for FullRecall.)

Roy Fullmer (from Costa Rica, material in Spanish and English, computer programs)

Walter G. Green III ( article by an US-American Professor for disaster management, a glossary and notes to it)

John R. Kay (artist/publisher, UK).

William Patterson (US), with Interglossa. A vocabulary learning program.

Websites with some Glosa content

Aender dos Santos (Brasilia) — Christopher Marshall (New Zealand; Niuspi, a variant of Glosa) — Martinovitsné Kutas Ilona (Hungary) — Daniel Macouin (a French site)

Kevin Smith’s experimental vocabulary, a replica. A Russian word list.


A wiki at pbwiki. (The British socialist party provides a text translated by Wendy Ashby.)

Glosa is our mailing-list at Yahoo — inactive.

Fast links: Interglossa » Glosa »

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