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Re: [glosalist] "Gene" e "ge-"

Robin Gaskell (Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on February 21, 2004

Hello Friends, Very interesting. In a quandry, I should try the 18 Steps method of getting Passive Voice, or, possibly totally avoid the passive until the matter blows over. I suspect it won’t. Try typing a sentence with Passive Voice into “Word,” it will politely suggest an Active Voice alternative to you. My ‘Editing Teacher’ said avoid the Passive Voice. Nobody likes it, and originally, Ron Clark said,” Of course there will be no Passive Voice in Glosa.” I remember objecting to him about this, suggesting that on grounds of variety and style, alone, the Passive was needed. Passive voice was a bit of a late-comer to Glosa, and the “gets X-ed” (gene ge-X) form was probably the latest version of it.

 Without worrying about it too much, I can forget a lot, and the final  form of Passive Voice in Glosa could be one of them.

 However, one thing that attracts me to Glosa is its inherent logic,  and another is its ability for accuracy.  While I feel the elided form //  "The window got brake by me, when I slammed it." is quite slack, I'll learn  to live with it. ... and try to stop slamming windows!


Robin Gaskell P.S. While one thing we don’t need is a lot of broken glass, the main thing we do need is a rash of “How to do Glosa” books plus a corresponding explosion of the Glosa library. Who’s working on the How To books, and is anyone gearing up to be Major Domo of Glosa editing and publishing? R. P.P.S. Possibly we need a ‘'’Working Standard.’’’ While I tried years ago to tabulate what had become accepted usage of syntax in Glosa, maybe it’s time to start again to make a list of what is good usage within Glosa. While Yahoo is not using attachments, we can embed attachments into the text to swap lists. To-morrow I will post the A4 page of the Tense Table - as it resulted, being changed from hand to hand, growing and being added to as it passed around; a ‘Working Standard’ for Glosa could be achieved using the same process.

At 11:44 PM 2/19/04 +0100, Manuel Valderrama grafo:

Nicholas Hempshall pa grafo:

— Robin Gaskell wrote:

*** Mi uti u /gene ge-X/ forma ka id eqa puri Ron Clark Glosa. Plus id don u ma exakti semani. E id perfekti mapa un uti de no-akti voka [passive voice] de England-lingua.

I disagree that this is “puri Ron Clark Glosa”

Mi pa fu dice iso. Plus mi pa vide e re-vide plu 18 gradu, e mi ne pa detekti u “gene ge-X” forma. ………………………

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