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Too much plainness

Tóth László (=?iso-8859-2?q?T=F3th=20L=E1szl=F3=20?= <leslie_toth@...>) on February 21, 2004

Saluta Robin,

I have begun to study the Glosa, and I found the needing o= f possesive pronouns: “Mi matri ergo in domi.”

In the hungarian language, = for example, sometimes you can use nouns as verbs: “to mother” does mean: “= to say dirty words”. I think, this mode of using nouns may be find even in = other languages.

So, “Mi matri ergo in domi” for a hungarian can give the= undermentioned sense: “I am saying dirty words while I am working inside t= he house.”

But for example: “Mi-a matri ergo in domi.” - could give you a = better understanding. Or a different solution that you will find more opprt= une.

Constructive intentionned,


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Too much plainness - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.