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Translati de _Qo akti?_

Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on June 25, 2003

Karo Glosa-lista-pe,

Ach! Marcel du es in plu verba-bibli tro freqe, ka-co mi pa translati u grama; an pa bali, de u neo filma Qo akti? (Glosa translati fu seqe.) (Posi, Marcel fu detekti plu ero…)

Mathilde ter Heijne Qo akti? Exhibit Martina Detterer Gallery Hanauerlandstrasse 20-22, Frankfurt am Main June 7 to July 12, 2003

Qo akti? Video program on six monitors, 2003

The diversity of languages in our world has led to the fact that many people cannot understand each other. English, the most useful language, is relatively easy to learn compared to French, but for a Chinese person it is more difficult to speak than Arabic is for us.

As a solution to language diversity, Professor Hogben developed Interglossa (or Glosa), an international language, in 1943. It has a vocabulary of only 1000 words and is based on scientific terms. It is a language that has no grammar, and that is not bound to one country or one part of the world and so is neutral. It is a language that can be learned in a single day and is suitable for everyone.

The video work Qo Akti? is drawn from a little-known film by Italian producer Liliana Cavani about the French philosopher Simone Weil. Mathilde ter Heijne has had part of the script of Lettere dall’ Interno (written by Liliana Cavani together with Italo Moscati in 1971) translated into Glosa. Glosalist Wendy Ashby developed this language together with Ron Clark in the 1980’s. She has translated and spoken a part of the original script by Liliana Cavani in newly-developed Euro-Glosa.

The script of the little-known film is a melodrama of partly biographical and partly documentary character. The life of Simone Weil (a struggle to free the working-class and provide equal opportunity for everyone) and her thoughts (about death, suffering, and deliverance) picture the following string of events: from her working in a factory in France at the beginning of the 1930’s and from the Spanish Civil War to her death at the beginning of the 1940’s in England, where she died at the age of 34 of malnourishment and exhaustion.

The scene is the famous Nazi barracks in Krampnitz in the vicinity of Berlin, where the Russian army was stationed. And so this place is the scene for many movies.

Mathilde ter Heijne Qo akti? Arti monstra Galeri Martina Detterer Hanauerlandstrasse 20-22 Frankfurt am Main 2003 m.6 d.7 a m.7 d.12

Qo akti? Video-programa ad-in sixa monito-me, 2003

U difere inter lingua in na munda pa duce a ra; poli homi ne pote logi alelo. Pe facili gene ski de England-lingua; u maxi funktio, ko kompara ko France-lingua. Anti-co Cina-pe detekti id ma no-facili; de Arabi-lingua es a na.

Homo solve anti lingua difere, profesoro Hogben pa face Interglossa (alo Glosa); un internatio lingua, tem anua 1943. Id habe u verba lista de solo mo-kilo e habe u basi ex skience verba. Id es u lingua; qi habe zero gramatika e qi ne es ge-liga a mo natio alo a mo mero de munda, ka-co es nutra. Id es u lingua; pe pote gene sko de, tem mo di e es gru a panto-pe.

U video krea Qo akti? gene tira ex u pusi ge-ski filma de France filosofi-fe Simone Weil ex Italia editora Liliana Cavani. Mathilde ter Heijne pa face; u mero de drama-bibli de Lettere dall’ Interno (ge-grafo ex Liliana Cavani ko Italo Moscati tem anua 1971) gene translati per Glosa. Glosa-pe Wendy Ashby ko Ron Clark pa dura face u-ci lingua tem plu anua 198-. Fe pa translati e pa dice u mero de origi drama-bibli ex Liliana cavani in neo ge-developo Euro-Glosa.

U drama-bibli de u-ci pusi ge-ski filma es u tristi-drama de in-mero biografo e in-mero histori karakteri. Simone Weil bio (u lukta te face libe un ergo-pe klasi e te dona un eqa okasio a panto-pe) e fe kogita (de morta, sufero e salva) dona plu pikto de plu seqe acide de histori: ex fe ergi in face-do in France tem proto de plu anua 193- e ex Hispania intra-milita a-kron fe morta in England tem proto de plu anua 194-; topo fe lose bio kausa minus de sito e kausa debili kron habe 34 anua.

U skena es plu ben-ge-ski Nazi milita-do in Krampnitz in proxi-lo de Berlin; topo u Rosija arme pa habe eko. Ka-co u-ci loka es u skena de poli filma.

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

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