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Re: Errors in 18 Steps

himalayanpussycat ("himalayanpussycat" <maryannehanna@...>) on June 30, 2007

Thank you very much for your response to my messages. I am grateful, even = honored. You are obviously expert and you have great insight into the lang= uage. I did not mean to offend you; if you did, I am sorry; that’s was not= my intent.

I am of origin of (ashamed to say) a colored race (not Himal= ayan), who are often publicized as evil. I have had a lot of bad experien= ces; still occasionally do. Forgive me that’s all I would like to say abou= t me at this time.

They say that the best grammar is no grammar. If you = follow this principle you can never have errors. If there are errors it’s = the person’s perspective; inconsistent or not. I am not saying that’s wha= t Glosa is. I believe that the simplicity is one of the, if not the, goal = of Glosa; and I think you have done an excellent job.

PS: I’m sorry but = I still feel that you might want to collect all the negative comments and = put them in an appendix, unless you want to turn away newcomers.

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