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Re: [glosalist] Re: Errors in 18 Steps (sydpidd@...) on June 30, 2007

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I am of origin of (ashamed to say) a colored race (not Himalayan), what is there to be ashamed of? i am english and white - it was white people that made their fortunes turning black/coloured people into slaves - who
should be more ashamed of their evil

let us forget it ……. what is there to be proud of? we are trying to make it easier/possible for
people of all colours/races/ to talk to each other to promote peace - an
example is my being able to write to marcel in glosa. 50 years ago, his nation perhaps relations were sent across the sea to bomb my city but now he and i are working together in our own way to spread friendship

you be proud of showing an interest if peacemaking glosa - you could be
doubly proud if you wrote in glosa……….. i am interested in the construction of glosa - it would be very helpful if
you would tell us what language you speak and how it compares with g. I had some contact with hindi some time ago and am thiking of how glosa could use hindi word order -verb final, also some slight contact with welsh verb first

should now put this into glosa but i am a bit slow with translation


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