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Re: [glosalist] Re:Errors in 18 Steps

Doro Winkelhofer ("Doro Winkelhofer" <andoromeda83@...>) on June 14, 2007

Ave Tom,

why is tri seti (37) a problem for you. It derives from the logic of the language which I like very much - although I just began to learn.

Your idea to create a new manual like the one which is available for Esperanto is a brilliant idea.

I think the 18 steps is a nice way to learn the language, but even as a beginner I noticed some minor errors in the first steps. I don’t think that is blasphemous to name this errors. Everyone who is interested in Glosa should have an interest to make the teaching material better. And 18steps is much better than everything available on the web to learn such big IAL like Interlingua and Occidental.

Plu saluta Doro

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