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Re: Errors in 18 Steps

Hal Jordon (Hal Jordon <didymus857@...>) on June 16, 2007

I would like the book to be more readily available. It is a good book, which I like very much. Any learning material would be very good to see. I would like to see more interest and activity than has been evident lately. I know my ability in Glosa is very limited but I do very much want to get the language out there.

I have edited some files to make Glosa vocabulary available on a Palm program called Supermemo. It helps with memorization.

The lack of the deka or ten is inconsistent with the rest of the numbers and with most other languages. Do you say two two or twenty two? I deal with numbers a great deal and it helps with clarity, I think, at least.

Saluta, Tom

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