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Re: Errors in 18 Steps

andoromeda83 ("andoromeda83" <andoromeda83@...>) on June 15, 2007

Ave plu ami de Glosa,

on the web edition of the book most errors are corre= cted. I don’t its blashphemous to point out that “18 steps” have small erro= rs. It is the interest of all learners. The “18 steps” website for example = is much better for learning than all sites known to me for learning such “b= ig” IAL like Interlingua and Interlingue.

I like Tom’s idea to create some= new multimedia edition for learning Glosa like the one for Esperanto. That= would really a great thing for the promotion of Glosa.

Plu saluta Doro

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I have read the “18 Steps” with great pleasure. It’s a= n excellent
web site. But there is something that concerned me thr= oughout. I
found it is discouraging to read that there are so many = errors in
the original book; perhaps there are a lot more. Not to m= ention it
is insulting to the original authors for telling the whol= e world
what horrible work they’ve done.

If errors a= re found are they revised in the books/web site? Who
is/are responsible= for doing them?

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