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Re: [glosalist] Kani vora vora

Eike Preuß (=?UTF-8?B?RWlrZSBQcmV1w58=?= <mail@...>) on February 24, 2006

Hi all, I am very suspicious of the proposed kind of flexibility. It is one of the things that turned me away from learning esperanto. Let me give you ‘my two cents’:

Flexibility in sentence structure is great for a) learning to write/speak a language, and b) poets because you can write the way you are already used to from your mother language. My impression is, that the latter is one of the reasons for the popularity of esperanto. There seem to be many creative people in the community, that produce a large amount of texts.

Unfortunately, the flexibility makes learning to read/understand harder. Every sentence you read has a different structure. The reader always has to adapt to the way of the writer. The ‘object-marker’ gives the writer the illusion that she doesn’t need to care about structure, because the marker clarifies everything. So, sentences tend to become a mess. I tried to read a discussion thread in esperanto with help of a dictionary, after taking 6 (or 8?) lessons of the freely available learning program over a month or so. I gave up, partly because it took me so long to find out which object belonged to which subject and verb in the lots of very long sentences I found there…

I don’t think flexibility in sentence structure would do glosa good. Better than flexibility, in my opinion, would be a clearer definition of what the sentence structure in glosa actually is/should be. Plus a way to seperate parts of the sentence, so I like the idea of a ‘neutral’ verb marker very much.

Saluta, Eike

Vasiliy wrote: [snip]

I have an idea of how to improve Glosa and to make it greatly more flexible, original and popular. [snip] I agree on the flexibility and popularity part. Originality, well, all the esperanto derived languages, esperanto, ido, etc, use an ‘object-marker’ to gain flexibility in sentence structure, so it wouldn’t be very original, would it? :-)

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