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Re: [glosalist] Kani vora vora (sydpidd@...) on February 24, 2006

posi, si u IAL du es valu u sali de id, u brevi duce a u struktura de id du
posi gene loka a u fini de u kontribu.

perhaps , if an ial is worth its salt, a brief guide to its structure could
be put at the end of a contribution syd

sentence=subject + verb + direct object + indirect object subject/some objects=noun phrase + prep phrases indirect object=prep phrase noun phrase=introducer..number + precicers +main word verb phrase=introducer..time + precicers +main word noun introducer=u/ plu(more than one) verb introducer= pa(past) / fu*future) / nu(present / du(present)/sio (conditional)

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