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Re: [glosalist] linglo from glosa (sydpidd@...) on August 7, 2004

—- linglo , u heresi sibi an-fili de glosa —- mi du amo glosa sed plu_kron mi du detekti id u pusi no-facili te lekto e te grafo . pluso , la pa es plu hetero demo komenta epi glosalist in u ?pa(-) pa? qui pa dona mi u kausa sti te puta , plu de mi no-facili nu es de mi se - u pove memo etc # u linglo du es u seqe de plu mi puta # glosa du dice ke id pa apo plu ne uniformi de plu poli natura gramatika # pluso , id nu dice ke u id alfa-beta nu habe u puri phonetic # anti-co ,
id du inklude “x”=”k+s”, “q”=”k+w” e “sc”=”sh”(englisi) # so … in linglo , panto plu soni du es u homo ka i.p.a. # “u homi” ma_volu de “un andro” # glosa du habe u mixa de plu mode ci

linglo, a heretic nephew of glosa.

I like glosa but sometimes find it a little difficult to read and write, also, there have been other people’s comments on glosalist in the past which have given me cause to think. Some of my difficulties are my own -, confusions, poor memory etc. linglo is a result of my thoughts. Glosa says that it has removed the iregularities of many natural grammars,it also says that its alphabet is purely phonetic - one sound/one letter. I should like all words in linglo to start with a consonant and end with a vowel so if there is a choice of words, I should like the c……v one(s) to get preference. If two vowels next to each other are difficult or uncomfortable to sound, “h” could go between them. Glosa asks for alternation of cons and vow as in “homi” but allows “andro” - a cluster of three consonants.

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