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Re: Word system

Tóth László (=?iso-8859-2?q?T=F3th=20L=E1szl=F3=20?= <leslie_toth@...>) on February 15, 2004

Hi Robin,

  Eng. If you briefly show the points with examples from=  Esperanto,  English and Glosa,such a contribution will give much more me= aning to all of us.

En Esp You can make up to 40 words using a single= word-root and the lexical formatives.

sana =3D being healthy sano =3D h= ealth sane =3D healthily sanu =3D be healthy sanIGa =3D cure sy. sanET= *a =3D a little bit healthy sanEGa =3D very healthy sanIGi =3D to cure = sanIGo =3D the fakt of to cure sanIGXi =3D to be recovering sanECo = =3D health as feature sanULo =3D the man who is healthy sanULINo =3D t= he woman who is healthy sanIGEBLa =3D who can be recovered. sanilo =3D= medicine sanisto =3D therapeutist sanIGante =3D while sy be being cur= ed sanIGinte =3D while sy had been cured sanIGonte =3D while sy will = be cured sanIGXinta =3D who have been cured nesana =3D sy is not healt= hy MALsana =3D being ill, sick MALsano =3D illness, sickness MALsane = =3D while sy is ill/sick MALsanIGa =3D unhealthy MALsanETa =3D being = unwell, being indisposed MALsanIGi =3D to make sy ill MALsanIGXi =3D = to geting ill MALsanULo =3D an ill man MALsanULINo =3D an ill woman = MALsanEMa =3D being sickly MALsanUJEJo =3D hospital MALsanULEJa = =3D hospital (as adjective) NEsanIGEBLa =3D incurable MALsanULAR*o = =3D the multitude of ill people. (Maybe I made many errors while I was witi= ng the translations)

You can number the special words or expressions that = a non-joined word system needs in adition.

I wont advice anyone to try to = make new words using roots and endings: hard + ly =3D hardly - because of t= he non joined word system of the English or those other same languages.

Ot= her examples: Esp.: balai + ilo =3D balailo

But Eng.: to sweep + tool =3D = broom

So, you have to learn words in adition because of the non-joined w= ord-system. But in the meanwhile it is easier to read as “picture-reading” = an independent word (broom) than a joined word (balailo).

There are adva= ntages and disadvantages using different word systems. But in accordance wi= th the quantity of the words that you have to learn, the joined word system= lets you to use much fewer number of word roots and expressions.

Kind re= gards,


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