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Cisco Kid 39

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on September 29, 2012

Considering this extremely courteous idiosyncrasy of the Kid and the pride he took in it, one can perceive that the solution of the problem that was presented to him by what he saw and heard from his hiding-place in the pear that afternoon (at least as to one of the actors) must have been obscured by difficulties. >  Tem puta de u-la forti gentili idio-ra de Juve-an, e de u boni, an este de id, pe pote logi; u solve de u turba, an gene per skope e audi ex kripto-lo in kaktus po meso-di (sura per mono homi) sto debi es no-klari kausa este.

And yet one could not think of the Kid overlooking little matters of that kind.

Para-co pe ne imagina; u Juve-an sio ne logi plu tali ra.

At the end of the short twilight they gathered around a supper of /frijoles/, goat steaks, canned peaches, and coffee, by the light of a lantern in the /jacal/. > Kron brevi fini de di-foto, mu kolekti se peri vora ex FRIJOLES, karni ex kapri, ge-konserva persika, e kafa, infra foto ex lampa in mikro domi.

Afterward, the ancestor, his flock corralled, smoked a cigarette and became a mummy in a grey blanket.

Po-co u-la fo-paleo-pe, ko kapri grega in tena-lo, fumi u cigareta, e feno es u morta soma, ge-involve in somni-te.

Tonia washed the few dishes while the Kid dried them with the flour-sacking towel.

Tonia lava panto de oligo vora-ru, tem u Juve-an sti sika mu per vaku farina saka.

Her eyes shone; she chatted volubly of the inconsequent happenings of her small world since the Kid’s last visit; it was as all his other home-comings had been.

Fe bi oku feno dona foto. Fe poli dice de plu non-importa acide de auto mikro munda po u pre visita de Juve-an. Es iso, an panto re-veni pa es.

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