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Cisco Kid 38

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on September 23, 2012

Besides his marksmanship the Kid had another attribute for which he admired himself greatly. > Para an pafili tekno, u Juve-an pa habe un hetero idio-ra; de qi an mega latri se.

He was /muy caballero/, as the Mexicans express it, where the ladies were concerned.

An pa es “u gentili equs-an,” iso plu Mexico-pe dice, tem kura de plu gina.

For them he had always gentle words and consideration. > Pro mu, an panto-kron dona plu gentili verba e puta.

He could not have spoken a harsh word to a woman.

An ne pa dice u severi verba a gina.

He might ruthlessly slay their husbands and brothers, but he could not have laid the weight of a finger in anger upon a woman.

An posi cide mu sponsa e fratri. Anto-co an ne posi presa per ponde de mono digi anti gina.

Wherefore many of that interesting division of humanity who had come under the spell of his politeness declared their disbelief in the stories circulated about Mr. Kid.

Kausa-co poli gina; qi pa gene influ per an gentili, deklara auto no-kredi de plu histori ge-publika de sr. Juve-an.

One shouldn’t believe everything one heard, they said.

Mu dice; pe ne debi kredi panto-ra; pe audi.

When confronted by their indignant men folk with proof of the /caballero’s/ deeds of infamy, they said maybe he had been driven to it, and that he knew how to treat a lady, anyhow.

Kron plu koleri andro sti sura mu per testi-ma de plu kako akti de Juve-an, mu dice; an posi gene nece de akti id, plus-co an ski gentili a plu gina.

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