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Cisco Kid 37

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on September 16, 2012

"How's my girl?" he asked, holding her close. > An dice, tem peri-braki fe: "Komo es mi gina?"

"Sick of waiting so long for you, dear one," she answered. > Fe reakti: "Pato, kausa tali longi atende de tu, karo-pe.

“My eyes are dim with always gazing into that devil’s pincushion through which you come.

“Mi bi oku es debili, kausa panto-kron skope ad u-la spina-lo de diaboli; dia qi tu veni.

“And I can see into it such a little way, too.

“Ko-co mi pote vide tali brevi in id.

“But you are here, beloved one, and I will not scold.

“Anti-co tu es ci, mi ge-filo-an. Kausa-co mi ne dice kritici.

“/Que mal muchacho/! not to come to see your /alma/ more often.

“Tali mali andro; qi ne freqe visita auto karo-fe!

“Go in and rest, and let me water your horse and stake him with the long rope.

“Sti kine in la, e lase; mi dona hidro a tu equs, e fixa an per longi korda.

“There is cool water in the jar for you.”

“Es frigi hidro en vasa pro tu.”

The Kid kissed her affectionately. > U Juve-an filo oskula fe.

"Not if the court knows itself do I let a lady stake my horse for me," said he. > "Ne si u judika grega dice tali, mi ne lice; u gina fixa mi equs.

“But if you’ll run in, /chica/, and throw a pot of coffee together while I attend to the /caballo/, I’ll be a good deal obliged.”

“Anti-co, si tu tako kine in la, karo-pe, e prepara u vasa ko kafa, tem mi kura de equs, mi este mega grati.”

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