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Re: Neo video de "Labirinto de Gema Tekno", ki voka e ge-translati

localhosed ("localhosed" <localhosed@...>) on June 4, 2012

Mi puta a se : “Uti ‘ko voka..’ vice ‘ki voka..’. Id es tipo ero.” Mi reakt= i a se : “Boni. Mi fu akti.” Mi reakti a se itera : “Boni. Qo basi; tu dice= a se?” Mi reakti itera : “Tende doci e disci.”

I think to myself : “Use ‘= ko voka..’ instead of ‘ki voka..’. It is a ‘typo’. I respond to myself : Go= od. I’ll do it. I respond to myself again : Good. Why do you speak to yours= elf? I respond again : In order to teach and learn.

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Neo video de “Labirinto= de Gema Tekno” ki voka e ge-translati New video of “Gemcraft Labyrinth” = with voice and translation

nexu : YFWaJ-9pE link :

Ci es u info de “youtube” : Here is the informati= on from “youtube” :

A video of= the very good tower defense game ‘Gemcraft Labyrinth’, available on Armo= rgames or Kongregate. The premium version is $5, as of this writing.

G= losa : Official Glosa site : http://= .. is a language that might remind you of lat= in, greek, or E.S. posthumus’s latin-like language. But Glosa isn’t dog-l= atin, and doesn’t have artistic aims. But it can be used for fun too. It’= s based on the ideas of Lancelot Hogben, Ronald Clark, Wendy Ashby, and m= any others including the current maintainers of its website and discussio= n groups.

Non-mistakes : lots (mega)

Mistakes I made : stress on = a few words was in strange places, stress on some words was not very stro= ng. I forgot to say some “ke” for semicolon.( I don’t know much about thi= s, other than that “ke” is not standard, I don’t know any alternatives ye= t. I slurred some trilled “r’s”. I gave a few somewhat vague meanings whe= n I spoke without using notes. I sometimes said ‘insekta’ instead of inse= kti’. My “t’s” were sometimes soft like ‘glottal stop + “d” ‘, a conseque= nce of speaking english. And “mi pa habe premi programa” was supposed to = be “mi habe (u) premi programa.” I hacked/spliced together “bate mu” from= two different audio recordings, to make the stress better and to replace= an error. I read 90% of this from a translation I wrote into Glosa, sinc= e I don’t know many Glosa words from memory yet. I have been occasionally= learning and practicing for about 2 months. Before I made the video, I h= ad not spoken more than a few short sentences in Glosa.

Tools used :=

Bandicam, Virtualdub , Avidemux, Audacity (edit audio, normalize volume)=

Qe ali doxo alo puta ? Gratia!


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