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Neo video de "Labirinto de Gema Tekno", ki voka e ge-translati

Localhosed (Localhosed <localhosed@...>) on May 31, 2012

Neo video de “Labirinto de Gema Tekno” ki voka e ge-translati New video of “Gemcraft Labyrinth” with voice and translation

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Ci es u info de “youtube” : Here is the information from “youtube” :

A video of the very good tower defense game ‘Gemcraft Labyrinth’, available on Armorgames or Kongregate. The premium version is $5, as of this writing.

Glosa : Official Glosa site : .. is a language that might remind you of latin, greek, or E.S. posthumus’s latin-like language. But Glosa isn’t dog-latin, and doesn’t have artistic aims. But it can be used for fun too. It’s based on the ideas of Lancelot Hogben, Ronald Clark, Wendy Ashby, and many others including the current maintainers of its website and discussion groups.

Non-mistakes : lots (mega)

Mistakes I made : stress on a few words was in strange places, stress on some words was not very strong. I forgot to say some “ke” for semicolon.( I don’t know much about this, other than that “ke” is not standard, I don’t know any alternatives yet. I slurred some trilled “r’s”. I gave a few somewhat vague meanings when I spoke without using notes. I sometimes said ‘insekta’ instead of insekti’. My “t’s” were sometimes soft like ‘glottal stop + “d” ‘, a consequence of speaking english. And “mi pa habe premi programa” was supposed to be “mi habe (u) premi programa.” I hacked/spliced together “bate mu” from two different audio recordings, to make the stress better and to replace an error. I read 90% of this from a translation I wrote into Glosa, since I don’t know many Glosa words from memory yet. I have been occasionally learning and practicing for about 2 months. Before I made the video, I had not spoken more than a few short sentences in Glosa.

Tools used : Bandicam, Virtualdub , Avidemux, Audacity (edit audio, normalize volume) ——————————

Qe ali doxo alo puta ? Gratia!

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Neo video de "Labirinto de Gema Tekno", ki voka e ge-translati - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.