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Cisco Kid 23

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on May 6, 2012

To be lost in the pear is to die almost the death of the thief on the cross, pierced by nails and with grotesque shapes of all the fiends hovering about. > Es minus direkti in kaktus es proxi a morta de u-la klepto-pe epi kruci-ra, ge-daga per plu aku, tem plu kako-forma diaboli peti peri an.

But it was not so with the Kid and his mount. > Anti-co ne es tali de Juve-an e an equs.

Winding, twisting, circling, tracing the most fantastic and bewildering trail ever picked out, the good roan lessened the distance to the Lone Wolf Crossing with every coil and turn that he made.

Tem tropi, strepto, ciklo e seqe longi u maxi mira e kripti via, u boni rubi-makula equs face ma brevi per panto giro e tropi; an akti, u tele a trans-lo Solo Lupus.

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