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Re: [glosalist] elision and dipdis (sydpidd@...) on August 23, 2003

Mi puta ke id pa es Robin qi pa dice de “elision” in nexo de

Glosa. plu di pa, u homi in u nord England boteka pa dice “a-ai’a’

”. U ma proxi ke mi pote es in Glosa es “mvoua”! U boteka-pe pa

facili logi “a-ai’a’ “ ka an pa pote dona plu ne-bate litera, “i”,

“l”, “k”, “th” e “t” te detekte “I like that”. plu ge-lose ra pa

gene lase inter loka pe sed ne a plu pe de dista. “mvoua” es sin

spe sed “mi du volu u-la” posi habe lati logi. Posi,il pa es Ron

Clark qi pa suggesti ke “pa” nece uti mo tem in u mero de grama ka

na sio ski ke plu seqe akti-verba sio plus plu akti-verba.

Anti-co, u-ci sio face u detekti de plu akti-verbi-frase ma

dificili de plu hetera pe.

I think tht it was robin who mentioned “elision” in connection

with glosa. a few days ago, a person in a northern english shop

said “ a-ai’a’ “. the nearest I can get in glosa is “mvoua”! The

shop assistant easily understood “a-ai’a’ “, being able to supply

the missing letters “i”, “l”, “k”, “th” and “t” to have “I like

that”. The elisions were allowable amongst local people but not

to people from further away.
“mvoua” is hopeless glosa but “mi du volu u-la” would be widely

understood. I think that it was ron clark that suggested that “pa”

need only used once in a piece of writing as we would know that

the following verbs would probably be also past. However this

could make it less easy for some people to pick out the verb


Imagina un homi ab dista e ko bi solo lingua. Plu-ci es gobldiguk

e Glosa. An es un limita elementa homi e mi du desira te auxi an

ko u an Glosa. Lase na nu dona u nima “Dipdis” ad an. Tem mi du

grafo ad an, mi fu face u grama iso facile si mi pote.

Imagine a Glosa person from far away and with only 2 languages,

gobbledigook and Glosa. He is rather a simple soul and I wish to

help him with his Glosa. Let us call him Dipdis. When I write to

him, I shall make it as easy to understand as I can.

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