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Re: Lojban

Zhenyu ("Zhenyu" <lizhenyu_god@...>) on November 19, 2010

Karo Sr. Duncan, Gratia de tu tali tako reakti e boni-spe a mi! Mi agenda a= plu cita de USA ko mi plu kon-ergo-pe pa es ge-arange ex mi kompani ma pre= -kron na pa veni ad USA. So, mi agenda ne inklude Ken Caviness; tu pa suges= ti a mi, qi es u mali-fortuna a mi! Plu cita de USA mi pa dia es: Wakiki de= Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vigas, Orlando, e plu cita mi fu dia es: Washingt= on D.C.(ex noktu de Di 19), Phelidelphia(semi di) e Neo York(a di 24). U di= 24 es mi di versi a Beijing.

Kausa mi es fo anti-ergo de praxi mi audi-po= te de English, mi plu-kron ne pote kapti poli lexi in longi e komplexi Engl= anda-lingua dice. Mi pa gene nara ex oligo Amerika-pe; proxi poli Amerika-p= e es fo anti-ergo de disci plu extra-langda-lingua, mu solo uti English. Ka= -co, mi este fo no-justi de-co. Mi reali spe; Glosa fu gene uti panto-lo. F= aktu, mi ski; si panto munda-pe disci e uti Glosa, plu Euro-lingua-pe pa te= na poli facili kompara non-Euro-lingua-pe, ka plu basi lexi e gramatika str= uktura de Glosa veni ex plu-la de Euro-lingua. Mu debi este fo gluko e faci= li de disci Glosa! Ne es kausa; mu ne uti id. Sed mi ma pre-kron pa este; p= roxi panto munda-pe ne es logika de mu volu de panto-ra, mu plu volu duce m= u elekti. So, mu elekti English iso u munda lingua pro interkomunika, klu s= i English es no-facili.

Qo-mode tu dura puta de u-ci problema? Qe u munda= fu elekti un internatio-auxi-lingua. Mi pa audi; Esperanto pa proxi gene e= lekti iso un EU-Komuna-Lingua tem 2004, sed id pa fali a-fini, posi poli Eu= ro-pe este u lingua es fo facili, qe?

Du spe tu reakti! Saluta! Li Zheny= u

— In, chris duncan <krisdunncan@…> wrote:

Karo Zhenyu Good luck with your trip to the USA,Why don’t you plan to= visit Ken Caviness the famous conlanger who teaches in a university ther= e ,you will find him on his website.Do you have acsess to U tube where y= ou are? saluta On 18 November 2010 05:16, Zhenyu <lizhenyu_god@…> wro= te:

Karo xShadowSoulx, Thank you for your reply on Lojba= n! I’m glad to know you here! Many times, I had the same feeling like y= ours on Glosa. Lojban’s phonology is quite odd for its sourcing is diff= erent, which is for pure neutralization on its basic words, by combinin= g parts of other two original language’s words among the 6 main languag= es in the world. As for its grammar, it is quite over-accurate so that = humans aren’t accustomed to it. I’ve got the sense earlier that few men= would feel it comfortable. But, I think, its existence is necessary. My = learning Lojban doesn’t mean I put Glosa in the second place in my heart.= My love to Glosa is still! I don’t know if you can read Glosa, so I us= e English to reply you. I hope you can. Saluta! Li Zhenyu


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“xShadowSoulx” <shadowxsoul@> wrote:

i have personnaly studied = lojban, and i find it to be a very bad choice for an auxlang, mostly be= cause of its grammar. i also never like the phonology since it allows a= lot of bizarre consonant clusters.

it is astoundingly alien and= takes up way too much memory to learn. there is no language on this pl= anet that relies solely on word order like lojban does to differentiate= gramatical case. the only cases where you see this, this is only used = for the nominative and maybe the direct object (as in english).

= however, there is something similar you can do that can infact work, i= t was something i toyed with while working on my own auxlang. it is a c= oncept called ‘coverbs’ that do exist in alot of languages. let me give= an example:

let’s say we had two sentences:

i am g= oing to my home and

i am going from the store

= in a language that used coverbs, there would be no prepostion here. in= stead each would use a seperate verb. so these sentences would look som= ething like:

i go-to home i go-from store

her= e’s the interesting part: if we wanted to say the sentence “I am going = to my home from the store”, we simple combine the two sentences together = like so:

i go-to home go-from store.

i believe ch= inese does this, so maybe the chinese guy where-ever he is could detail= it more.

– C. D .

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