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Robin Gaskell (Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on July 27, 2003

At 03:18 PM 7/25/03 EDT, you wrote:

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I wonder if, ~Beti dice~ might be better than ~dice Beti~

yes definitely - english idiom crept in - perhaps “ge-dice ex Beti”

** ge-dice ex Beti OR Beti dice, “…,” tem klude plu tri porta. [said by Betty] [Betty says, “…,” while closing the three doors.] S V O Supplementary Clause

However, I feel Sid’s original sentence was in better style. (more poetic)

“Qe, tu pa ge-nati in un agri?” dice Beti tem klude plu tri porta. [“Were you born in a field?” says Betty while closing the three doors. O V S Supplementary Clause

This is a form of the Passive Voice (O-V-S), but is allowable in creative writing: Past Tense is given by earlier context; and the meaning is quite clear, when the more correct Passive Voice form, ~gene ge-dice ex Beti~ is elide to ~dice Beti~.


Robin Gaskell P.S. Although Glosa is designed to be ultra-logical, in Creative Writing, if logic gets in the way of poetry, and if meaning is not compromised by the poetry, then poetry wins. R.G.

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