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Re: [glosalist] roberti3-dice (sydpidd@...) on July 27, 2003

My bad mistake in “Roberti” raises interesting points.

“Roberti”, pa dice Beti. “Robert”, said Betty. If one says the English sentence, the punctuation is inaudible. We now have:- ‘Roberti said Betty’. Usual order - S V O gives ‘R said “Betty” ‘, what is required is:- ‘ “Robert” was said by Betty’. ‘ “Roberti”, pa gene/ge Beti’. If I am talking to someone with the same language and accent as mine (northern English), he/she would understand my elisions of “was” and “by” and my intonation; it is now more concise and more forceful - bad grammar but good style. However, if the listener is not English, my statement is bad international language. Glosa is meant to be an international language therefore, - ‘ “R” pa dice B’ - is BAD Glosa. plu mi penite.

We should always bear in mind that our Glosa is aimed at some person perhaps isolated in the wilds of a little visited country far from one’s own.

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