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ascii art

Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on August 6, 2010


Glosa is the property of Wendy Ashby. I have never known her to put any restrictions on using it. She does, however, have the sole right to CHANGE it. \ / (+) Glosa es u habe-ra de Wendy Ashby. Mi zero-kron ski; fe ne dona lice de uti id. Anti-co fe sura habe u solo privilegi de MUTA id.

Don’t worry about the ascii art. A lot of people don’t understand it. When I started on computers, it was the only kind of picture we had. \ / (+) Ne sti turba de ascii arti. Poli homi ne logi id. Kron mi proto de plu puta-me, u-la pa es u solo speci de pikto; na habe.

The problem is the lines cannot be connected on a computer or typewriter. This is how a simple stick-man would look: \ / (+) U no-facili es; pe ne pote nexu plu line per puta-me alo grafo-me. U-ci es u vista de u simpli baci-homi:

0 /|\ / \

Notice the gaps at the neck and waist. You must connect the lines in your head. \ / (+) Sti nota plu spaci topo kolo e soma-meso. Pe debi nexu plu line in mensa.

Saluta, _ _ /. /\ Gary


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ascii art - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.