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Re: [glosalist] ascii art

chris duncan (chris duncan <krisdunncan@...>) on August 7, 2010

Gary, I am now worried,if what you say is true then Zhenyou’s reform project could be illegal. is Wendy still alive? would she pass on her ownership like Zamenhof and give the language to the world?bye the way you live in a beautiful part of the world ,sadly it reminds me of the tragedy of “Ruby Ridge “your little Lutheran family has lot in common with that other poor family. please forgive me if i am being over familiar here,I do not wish to be impolite. best wishes c.d.

2010/8/6 Gary R Miller <justi.miller@…>


Glosa is the property of Wendy Ashby. I have never known her to put any restrictions on using it. She does, however, have the sole right to CHANGE it. \ / (+) Glosa es u habe-ra de Wendy Ashby. Mi zero-kron ski; fe ne dona lice de uti id. Anti-co fe sura habe u solo privilegi de MUTA id.

Don’t worry about the ascii art. A lot of people don’t understand it. When I started on computers, it was the only kind of picture we had. \ / (+) Ne sti turba de ascii arti. Poli homi ne logi id. Kron mi proto de plu puta-me, u-la pa es u solo speci de pikto; na habe.

The problem is the lines cannot be connected on a computer or typewriter. This is how a simple stick-man would look: \ / (+) U no-facili es; pe ne pote nexu plu line per puta-me alo grafo-me. U-ci es u vista de u simpli baci-homi:

0 /|\ / \

Notice the gaps at the neck and waist. You must connect the lines in your head. \ / (+) Sti nota plu spaci topo kolo e soma-meso. Pe debi nexu plu line in mensa.

Saluta, _ _ /. /\ Gary


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– C. D .

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