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Re: [glosalist] ascii art

chris duncan (chris duncan <krisdunncan@...>) on August 4, 2010

Is it just me, or has the Atlantic Ocean which seperates us caused some sort of cultural disconnect??shoudnt do realy !! I am puzzeled and dont understand. I do have one question though, is the glosa language given to the world like Zamenhof did with esperanto or does it have copyright ownership by Wendy Ashby or something. best wishes c.d.

2010/8/3 Gary R Miller <justi.miller@…>

Ave, Zhenyu! Es boni ski; tu ankora lekto GlosaList.


\ / is a small Glosa symbol. (+) es u mikro Glosa sema.

You can see the real symbol at: Pe pote vide u veri sema topo:

_ _ /. /\

is my face / es mi facia

I have squinty eyes from looking at the computer too much. Mi habe bi steno oku kausa excesi skope u puta-me.

I have a mole next to my nose. Mi habe u makula proxi a nasa.

I have a ridiculous moustache and goaty beard because I am a historical reenactor. Mi habe u sti-ridi labia kapila-fa e u barba homo u kapri, kausa mi es un histori drama-pe.

I type these things because I like ASCII art. Google it and you can find other examples. Mi grafo plu-ci ra per mekani, kausa mi amo ASCII art. Sti “Google” id, po-co tu pote detekti plu plus exempla. ____________________ 2010 Honda Civic $1,734 NOW: High ticket items being auctioned for 95% off retail! Learn more.

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– C. D .

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