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Hello, estimataj Glosa-lingvanoj!

topdeboo ("topdeboo" <topdeboo@...>) on April 5, 2010

My name is Oleg, I live in Moscow, Russia. One of my hobbies is Esperanto, = and I’m a committed supporter of the idea of introducing an international a= uxillary language throughout the world. Not long ago I came across Glosa an= d it seemed a very interesting language to me, so I decided to make an atte= mpt at mastering it. I’ve just begun studying the manual “18 Steps to Fluen= cy in Glosa”, but have got some questions already.

I would be very gratef= ul if someone could check whether I understood the pronunciation (and stres= s placement especially) of the following words correctly (I used the ASCII = Phonetic Alphabet for english pronunciation described at http://www.antimoo=

televisio [telev’isio] ciana [tSi’ana] g= estio [‘gestio] leuko [le’uko] lingua [l’ingua] sue [‘sue] = piano [pi’^no] anua [‘^nu^] viagia [vi’^gi^]

Thank you in adv= ance, Oleg

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