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Re: Hello, estimataj Glosa-lingvanoj!

Zhenyu ("Zhenyu" <lizhenyu_god@...>) on April 6, 2010

Dear Oleg, Welcome to the Glosalist Group! I’m (Mr.)Li Zhenyu, 32 years old= , from Beijing China. I have been learning Glosa since last November. I ha= ve been thinking Glosa’s grammar is the easiest in speaking compared to oth= er languages including auxlangs. Esperanto is the most difficult in my opin= ion among all auxlangs grammatically.Mondlango is easier than Esperanto in = grammar.

About Pronunciation Basically, all your examples are right! a=3D = [a] in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean= , etc.[^] is also ok. e=3D[better like “gEt” in American English or the big= ger “E” in Italian] Because it’ll be clearer. o=3D[better like “off” in Ame= rican English or the bigger O in Italian] Because it’ll be clearer. i=3D[ee= ] need u=3D[oo] food

Plesas add my MSN: lizhenyu_god@… for more = instant communication. Saluta! Li Zhenyu

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My name is Oleg, I live in Moscow, Ru= ssia. One of my hobbies is Esperanto, and I’m a committed supporter of the = idea of introducing an international auxillary language throughout the worl= d. Not long ago I came across Glosa and it seemed a very interesting langua= ge to me, so I decided to make an attempt at mastering it. I’ve just begun = studying the manual “18 Steps to Fluency in Glosa”, but have got some quest= ions already.

I would be very grateful if someone could check whether= I understood the pronunciation (and stress placement especially) of the fo= llowing words correctly (I used the ASCII Phonetic Alphabet for english pro= nunciation described at

= televisio [telev’isio] ciana [tSi’ana] gestio [‘gestio] leuk= o [le’uko] lingua [l’ingua] sue [‘sue] piano [pi’^no= ] anua [‘^nu^] viagia [vi’^gi^]

Thank you in advance, O= leg

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