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Re: [glosalist] My Suffixes are Better than Yours :-) (sydpidd@...) on November 24, 2008

my suffixes could be temporary …… what i was trying to do was connect

glosa, esperanto and slovio. so far as i can gather, the two latter use

suffixes where glosa might use u plu etc. they are separate words so that it

easier to get the stems and look them up in the dictionary. i am suggesting

that they separate the suffixes so that a glosa-pe could work in the other

two. “bird o” rather than “birdo” i am suggesting too that glosa-pe insert

the suffixes and seperately “plu avi oj “ so if i want as many people as

possible to read my drivel, i could fairly easily write it in glosa+

esperanto and slovia.

plu mi sufix-oj sio es-u brevi-tem …….. qo mi pa tenta-is akti-i pa

es-is te nexi-i glosa-on esperanto-on slovio-on. ab qo mi posi kolekti-

as, u bi-aj tima-oj du uti-is plu sufix-ojn qo-lo glosa-o posi uti-us “u/

plu”. mu es-as plu separa-ajn verba-ojn so id es-as ma facile te detekti-i

plu kauli-on e detekti mu in u lexiko-on.

using the esperanto suffixes( sufficees?)which i think, are better than my

own:- indicsing=o indicplur=oj infosing=on infoplur=ojn modindicsing=a

modindicplur=aj modinfosing=an modinfoplur=ajn infopast=is infopres=as infofuture=os infinitive =i jussne=u???


if we try writing to many people in western and eastern europe the latter

might be more comfortable with the suffixes, the former could ignore them

the writer would include both. if you were writing to one person only the

suffixes may be included or omitted altogether

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