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Great Ideas

shearzar ("shearzar" <ken.scherer@...>) on November 25, 2008

I like what your goals are. You certainly have spent a lot of time with ma= ny languages. I’ve tried to construct my own conlang/artlang/funlang/what= -ever-lang :-) but I’m too indecisive - so much so that I go crazy trying = to settle on what pronouns to use for my conlang! Ugh!

Because of its G= reek and Latin, Glosa is my all time favorite auxlang. That’s why I would= only tweak it by adding hyphenated suffixes. I would love to have a pure = Greek conlang, but I know that Greek borrows from Latin, plus, duh, I remi= nd myself, there’s this whole little thing about using the Latin alphabet/= script.

There probably is a pure Greek conlang out there, but I assume it=

uses Greek script. I’m happy using the Latin script.

Second to Glosa, = I like Mondlango. It’s the best revision of Esperanto I’ve seen. The Yaho= o Mondlango group claims that tens of thousands of people use Mondlango. I= t’s a lot easier than Esperanto and Ido.

Oddly, my enjoyment of the Star= Wars Aurekbesh font lead me to, where I learned about Espera= nto and conlangs. My aversion to Esperanto’s diacritics (and its stupid wa= y of pronouncing words like scienco) made look for easier, albeit less use= d conlangs.
Mondlango looks like the Esperanto that would not have lost m= e to Glosa.


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