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Re: [glosalist] Suffixes, Religio-do, & Little (sydpidd@...) on November 23, 2008

………………..the talk of chomski made me think about seagulls - that is a large group of them circling quickly around. the birds are

shreaking loudly. are they warning everybody of danger?

my sentence might be analysised:- that+indic+sing is+info+pres large+mod+info(+sing) group+info+sing

them+mod+info+plur(indic+plur) circling(+info+pres) quickly(+mod+info+pres)

around(+mod+info+pres). bird+indic+plur shreak+info+pres loud+mod+info.

they+indic+plur warn+info+pres+cont everybody+info+plur danger+info+sing


in some languages such as slavic ones my additions are replaced by suffixes

but glosa uses word order:- the indic group (indicated) is usually first next is info/pres etc and

then the rest of the info

so:- 1)indic= that, 2)info+pres=is, 3) info+simple modifier (large)+ info/sing

head indic, info+sing, info

that is th large group of ths bird they d above quick circle .
u-la es u mega grega de plu avi , mu du alti tako ciklo

to shorten:- indicate-singular -> icsi, indicate-plural ->icplu, inform-past ->opa, info

-present ->onu, info-past ->opa, info-future ->ofu, info-singular ->osi,

info-plural ->oplu, moderator ->micsi micplu mopa monu mopa mofu mosi

that icsi be onu th large mosi group osi of ths bird oplu they icplu above

monu quick monu circle onu. u-la iksi es onu u mega mosi grega osi de plu avi oplu , mu du alti monu

tako monu ciklo onu. ?? u-laiksi esonu u megamosi gregaosi de plu avioplu , ……… i was thinking about doing this to esperanto and to slovo but had trouble

getting their vocabs from the web. with adjustments, it could be a way of

uniting the 3 languages if their vocabs were easy to get at .separate

suffixes would help ……. “bird oj” shorter still:-isi ilu misi olu ……….


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