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Glosa vs IDO etc. (<Jacques@...>) on November 2, 2008


Just joined. I definitely want to learn an IAL and my preliminary screening tells me that the two best choices are probably Glosa or IDO. I tend to prefer GLOSA. Would you have any article or site where I could find a comparison of the two, showing the advantages of Glosa over IDO?

In fact if Glosa is the most recent of the IALs, created after having looked at all the other ones created earlier, is there not somewhere an article comparing advantageously Glosa to all the other main IAL?

Thanks for your help.

Jacques Drapeau

ex Canadian diplomat

Living in Rome, Italy.

PS: Is there a ‘central authority’ somewhere controlling the standards and the spreading of Glosa worldwide? The website is very limited. What is the main website(s) about Glosa?

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Glosa vs IDO etc. - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.