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David ("David" <daveyporter@...>) on October 13, 2008

Hello Michel, I read through the Naom Chomsky speech (rather hurriedly). As for Esperanto - and for that matter presumably Glosa - not being a language - I’ll take the accepted dictionary definition that a language is… “a system for the expression of thoughts, feelings, etc. by the use of spoken sounds or conventional symbols.”… It may be a simplistic view but in the real world that is what it is and - ultimately - the world’s population will want an “international” language to facilitate communication - of that I am confident - Glosa maybe? Many don’t like the idea but the fact is we are “one people” living in “one world” - it’s a melting pot and we are all interdependent. However with nationalistic sentiments still running high no “national” language (i.e. English, French, Chinese etc) is likely to be accepted. Mystification of the term “language” by those such as Chomsky is irrelevant in my humble view and I also dismiss the “cultural factor” as an objection to a constructed language such as Esperanto, Glosa etc. After all millions of people re-locate themselves to “foreign” countries and consequently live in different cultures - many will learn their adopted country’s language and communicate without problems and without having the cultural background. The Chomsky view that all intelligible languages are founded on some kind of “deep structure” of grammatical rules that are universal and correspond to an innate capacity of the human brain also doesn’t make sense to me because I am aware that other languages express things in what to me (brought up to speak English) is a “back to front” way that can be extremely confusing. Therefore languages don’t all follow the same grammatical pattern.
Regards, David


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