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Re: Glosa vs IDO etc.

ML ("ML" <pastedechouan@...>) on November 3, 2008

Bonjour M. Drapeau,

=C0 mon avis, les deux seules langues auxiliaires cons= truites qui ont le vent dans les voiles sont l’esp=E9ranto et l’interlingua= . La premi=E8re ne m=E9rite pas sa r=E9putation (sans compter le mill=E9nar= isme de son id=E9e interne qui finit, dans la pratique, par donner la naus= =E9e), et la seconde devrait =EAtre mieux connue. Il y a un texte en inter= lingua ( que vous pourrez sans doute lire facilem= ent et qui fait saisir rapidement l’irr=E9alisme d’une langue qui voudrait = faire plaisir =E0 tout le monde, aux chinois comme aux roumains. Bonne lect= ure,

Michel L=E9gar=E9

— In, <Jacques@…> wr= ote:


Just joined. I definitely want to learn an IAL and my prel= iminary screening tells me that the two best choices are probably Glosa o= r IDO. I tend to prefer GLOSA. Would you have any article or site where I= could find a comparison of the two, showing the advantages of Glosa over= IDO?

In fact if Glosa is the most recent of the IALs, created after ha= ving looked at all the other ones created earlier, is there not somewhere= an article comparing advantageously Glosa to all the other main IAL?


Thanks for your help.

Jacques Drapeau

ex Canadian diplomat=

Living in Rome, Italy.

PS: Is there a ‘central authority’ some= where controlling the standards and the spreading of Glosa worldwide? The= website is very limited. What is the main website(s) about= Glosa?

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