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Re: "Qo akti?"

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on June 27, 2003

                                      [Glosa text below #####.] 

Last week I posted a German information text about “Qo akti?” into glosalist. Thanks to Gary for translating it. Now I have assembled all the stuff I have got about this project into a little website. You can have a look at it at .

“Qo akti?” (What to do?) is an artwork project by the Netherlands artist Mathilde ter Heijne. It is a “video installation on six monitors” about the French philosopher Simone Weil (1909-1943). The text of the movie is spoken in Glosa. It is displayed now in a gallery in Frankfurt/M. (Germany). “Qo akti?” is certainly the first serious Glosa movie. Because of that and because of the international reputation of the artist, “Qo akti?” will be an important step in the Glosa and also auxlang history forever.

qoakti.htm is no presentation with nice appeal, but it will fit for the Glosa interested reader, I hope. Features:


Pa setimana mi pa bali u Deutsch info textu de “Qo akti?” a glosalist. Gratia a Gary de an translati id. Nu mi pa kolekti panto materia; mi pa gene de u-ci projekti; ad-in pusi inter-reti pagina. Vi pote vide id a

“Qo akti?” es arti-ergo projekti ex Nederlands arti-fe Mathilde ter Heijne. Id es “video installation epi sixa televide-skuta” de Francais filosofi-fe Simone Weil (1909-1943). U textu de filma pa gene dice in Glosa. Id gene monstra nu in galeri in Frankfurt/M. (Deutsch-landa). “Qo akti?” sura es proto serioso Glosa filma. Kausa-co e kausa internatio famo de arti-fe, “Qo akti?” fu es importa gradu in Glosa e plus in auxi-lingua histori panto-tem.

qoakti.htm ne habe gluko vide, sed id gru pro plu Glosa interese-pe, mi spe. Id habe plu seqe ra:

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