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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on June 27, 2003

Dear Robin,

It is difficult to answer your question about which language influenced my translation into Glosa. My idea about translating is to translate from one language to thought first, and then translate into the second language. However, all the foreign languages I know (Esperanto best, some Russian, German, and Latin) influence my translating into any language, because they have helped me to look at my native language as a foreign language and see all the difficulties and idiosyncrasies it has. (The fact that Marcel has found two errors in my translation may have some bearing here too, but I prefer not to think about it.)

What has influenced my translation into Glosa more than foreign languages are the books Central Glosa and 18 Steps, the internet part of Hogben’s Interglossa and what I read in Plu Glosa Nota and Glosalist. I believe in rhetoric, the idea that language is simplified when we all try to follow set patterns.

An English example of this would be: A foreigner says to you, “I don’t want something.” A native speaker of English would say, “I don’t want anything.” You understand what the foreigner says and can’t really find any grammatical fault with his sentence, but because it is not what you are used to, it takes a little longer for the foreigner’s sentence to “click” in your brain.

One element of this rhetoric or style in my Glosa translating is that I like Hogben’s idea of the “verboid” and sentence order. I don’t use them perfectly, but you will see a lot of words like akti and gene in my translating. Otherwise, I very much try to imitate what I have already seen in Glosa.

Karo Robin,

Es no-facili: reakti a tu qestio; qo lingua pa dona influ a mi translati per Glosa. Mi idea de translati es; translati ex proto lingua ad-in puta proto-kron, po-co translati per u lingua bi. Anti-co, panto xeno lingua; mi habe ski de (Esperanto ma boni, plus mero de Rossija e Deutsch e Latina) dona influ a mi translati per ali lingua, ka mu pa dona auxi a mi te vide mi auto lingua homo xeno lingua e te vide panto no-facili e idio-ra; id habe. (U faktu; Marcel pa detekti bi ero in mi translati, posi habe importa ci, anti-co mi hedo ne puta de id.)

U ra; qi pa dona influ a mi translati per Glosa ma de plu xeno lingua, es plu bilbi Centra Glosa e 18 Gradu, plus u inter-reti mero de Hogben Interglossa e ali-ra; mi lekto in Plu Glosa Nota e Glosalist. Mi este kredi de retorika, un idea; u lingua gene ma facili, tem panto na tenta mimi plu pre ge-uti modela.

Mo mero de u-ci retorika alo mode de mi translati per Glosa; es mi este amo de Hogben idea de verboid e frase taxo. Mi ne du uti mu ko perfekti, anti-co tu fu vide poli tali verba akti e gene in mi translati. Hetero-co mi fo tenta mimi ra; mi pre vide per Glosa.

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

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