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Re: Who are now the deciders?

Daniel MACOUIN ("Daniel MACOUIN" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on August 2, 2007

— In, “Roy Fullmer” <ernobe@…> wrote:

The= best way for Glosa to evolve is for people to use it as it is, because 1= ) it gives others a chance to hear about and learn Glosa, and

Nobody spea= k Glosa now days! How to hear it?

2) the users of it will benefit from = constructive criticism of their usage. “Nu” is a word which is meant to = distinguish present tense from past or future tense, when such a distinct= ion is necessary. However, “es” can also be used to indicate the current= , present tense presence of something in the users mind. If you use “nu”= in such a case it is unclear if it is something that the user is just th= inking about, or something just now happening to the user. If you make i= t obligatory to use “nu”, then present tense thoughts are not communica= ted, and the purpose of the language is missed.

I do not understand that= you would say. Could you explains with some exemples in Glosa?



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