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book availabilty

Tom Cook ("Tom Cook" <didymus857@...>) on June 28, 2007

I know there is a place (more than one) online where you can deliver a manu= script or text and it can then be ordered by anyone and printed on demand. = The books may be a little more expensive to be made available this way but = are better for small runs because no stock has to be maintained and no init= ial investment and big upfront order has to be made. The shipping, printin= g cost and printers profit is taken care of by the company and the rest is = sent to the author. I have bought a few books like this.

This might be a g= reat way to make the 18 steps available faster and easier to more people. = I think maybe two versions or even one version with an extensive reading se= ction, more excersizes, The dictionaries (both into Glosa and out)or histor= y could be added. Even combining some of the other material out there like = the Seminars, and some of the Plu Glosa Nota (with permission, of course).= And it would be easier enough to have different language versions. poss= ible make the dictionary a separate book for each different language. or p= ossibly one combined version.

I think that this is a pretty fair idea (I u= sually like my ideas.)

Any positive or negative feedback? We would need= some permissions and such from all the authors of the material to get this= going but I think it could only help get Glosa out there.

and on a more p= etty note, do we need two different words for water? aqa and hidro?

I w= as wondering if all these sort of things had been worked out before I sarte= d to learn Glosa. I realize some of my questions may seem small but I thin= k if Glosa it to grow some of these issues should be examined.

I do agre= e that Glosa does has a little favoritism towards english and it should be = addressed.

Anyway I shall step down from my podium and make way for the n= ext speaker.

Saluta, Tom

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book availabilty - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.