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Re: Errors in 18 Steps

Marcel Springer ("Marcel Springer" <marcel@...>) on June 26, 2007

himalayancassi grafo 2007-06-09, (sorry, two weeks ago):

I have read th= e “18 Steps” with great pleasure. It’s an excellent web site. But there= is something that concerned me throughout. I
found it is discouraging= to read that there are so many errors in
the original book; perhaps t= here are a lot more.

Hi himalayancassi, thank you for visiting,= for reading 18 Steps, for your comments and for joining us. Welcome!

= What you see is a compromise:

On the one hand, “18 Steps” is a work by tw= o authors/artists. Every artwork must be protected from later changes by ot= hers. I respect Ron Clark, Wendy Ashby and their work a lot.

On the oth= er hand, this document is the main source for learning the language. So th= e learner must get hints, where the original material may be discussed.

T= his is done by means of italic annotations in brackets, leaving the origina= l text untouched.

Not to mention it is insulting to the original auth= ors for telling the whole world what horrible work they’ve done.

Ever= y annotation is objective and informative, none insulting, I hope. If I (o= r Nick, or others here) would have had the intention to insult somebody, we= could have done it without so much effort.

The Glosa books may be “horri= ble”, but the language Glosa is excellent. That is better than the other w= ay round.

Saluta - Marcel

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