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Re: Errors in 18 Steps

himalayanpussycat ("himalayanpussycat" <maryannehanna@...>) on June 25, 2007

OK, I’m slow but I think I’m beginning to get the idea. I believe the foun= ders of the language did not wish to clearly define all the details. They = wanted YOU as users of the language to decide. They published many differe= nt variations (formats) of the language so that you (users) will choose th= e ones you like and use them, and ignore the ones you don’t like and let t= hem fall into disuse. THAT will decide the course of the language, not som= e authority who signs the final decision. (That seems to be the way things= are going whether the founders actually intended or not.)

This is a gr= eat idea. But, I have a little concern with this “democratic” approach. Th= e Glosa community is quite small. And I get the sense that the most are an= glophone. That means as the time goes by Glosa will be more and more Engli= sh like, quashing wishes of the minorities (it is pro English biased to be= gin with). It would eventually become an English Auxiliary Language instea= d of International Auxiliary Language.

I may occasionally be putting my= two bits out there as a minority, which some of you may not like. I apolo= gize, if so. As it is now, it seems to me the person who has the greatest = power is the person who maintains the website(s). (I have seen some “error= s” in the website ;-)

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