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Hal Jordon (Hal Jordon <didymus857@...>) on June 22, 2007

I agree with Eike. As I have said before in a spoken situation, clarity is very important. In all the languages I know the tens and hundreds and so on are all there. If the language is to be understandable and ‘the language you already know’ the number system should include those magnitude words.

and to change the subject, which of the lists is the definitive Glosa word list? There are more than one or two out there, which is the one everyone uses?

And is there a different word for love? i think the way like and love are used to talk about an activity are a little confusing. ‘I like cooking’ or ‘I love cooking’, in Glosa are the same ( i think) ‘Mi amo kuko’. To me the are different levels of enjoyment. I think it would be more easily understood as ‘I enjoy cooking’. To use love this way seems (to me) to be an english (american) way to say that.

And is this the word for the emotion of love? Mi amo tu. or is there another?

And I think I will sign of now…

Saluta, Tom

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