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lenadi_moucina ("lenadi_moucina" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on June 22, 2007

I am in accord with Eike Preuss : if the system of numbers in Glosa is con= sistent, it is not a good one for speak. All the arguments by Eike Preuss = are good. It is curious to not use the possibilities of the numbers deka, h= ekto, kilo, miriada, miliona … By copying the french way we have : 358 >=

tri hekto pen deka okto By copying the chinese way we have : 12583 » mon= o miriada bi kilo pen hekto okto hekto tri 11 » deka mono 15 » deka pen = 51 » pen deka

This system can be use as alternative of the original syste= m of Glosa. I think it is a internal possibility of the Glosa language. In= french, we use the two systems, why not in Glosa ?

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