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Hal Jordon ("Hal Jordon" <didymus857@...>) on February 5, 2007

I am hoping there is going to be more activity on the list. I think that G= losa has by far the best ideas concerning a world second language. It need= s only to get its name and purpose out there. I have dabbled in the study = of languages for far longer that I care to admit, and here I have found al= l of the concepts in place that I feel will make the interlangage (not a r= eal word…I know) a very definite possibility.

That isn’t to say that I = haven’t found a couple things I’d change, because I have. (is my grammar a= s bad as it seems? that jsut read as an ugly sentence) All in all, it is = the best solution to something which has been a problem for too long.

I h= ope that these discussions pick up soon and I hope to be able to add somet= hing to them. I also hope that my abilities improve enough to where I can = speak in Glosa soon as well.

Plu Saluta,


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