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Re: Gish

ernobe ("ernobe" <ernobe@...>) on November 10, 2006

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Gish= for Windows NT (download at now= stands as a single executable file that is reasonably fast translating w= ord for word into Glosa, both on the command line and from web pages. Yo= u can see the wordlist online at e/gish.txt and the source code at nobe/exgish.txt.

Tooday I uploaded a version with the following improvem= ents:

  1. Much better recognition for all sorts of plurals.
  2. Recognitio= n for the ‘ive’ ending, including ‘ively’.

Will remember to add recognitio= n for the ‘ism’ and ‘ist’ endings in the next upgrade, which will concentra= te more on upgrading the dictionary from then on, God willing.

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