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Re: [glosalist] Wow! Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) (sydpidd@...) on September 9, 2006

saluta robin in penguin thesaurus index is “totter” = 278 there are 990 altogether in section 278 there are 8 paragraphs, at the

4th is “move slowly” in that there are 10 words in italics in the 2nd

“flow” , in that group there are 29 words

“totter” is the 7th

you could have 278/990+4/8+2/10+7/29 so perhaps:- 7+200+40000+278000000= 278400207 divide by 80 several times:- 3480002 remainder .5875 *80=47 43500.025=2 543.75=60 6.7875=63 we have the remainders 47,2,69,63,6 divide these by 5 9 remainder 2 0 2 13 4 12 3 1 1 column 1 is for consonants , 2 is for vowels 0b1c2d3f4g5j6k7l8m9n101p11r12s14t13v15z

ni bi vu so ce “nibivusoce” = “totter” in fact, when i was working on this, i used a

better method and got much shorter words do this to “shamble” might give something like

“nibivuteve” related english words give similar

sounding words this has not much to do with glosa nor is in

glosa so apologies to marcel but glosa could

learn ……. sid

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