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Re: heretic grammar

nick_hempshall ("nick_hempshall" <nick_hempshall@...>) on August 13, 2006

— In, “Cameron Nedland” <kansaspatriot@…> wr= ote:

Maybe this is a bad idea, but could we maybe ‘Esperantize’ Glos= a a bit by having nouns end in o, verbs in i, etc?

Yes, it’s been consi= dered. Fundamental to the idea of Glosa is that it is uninflected. That th= e best grammar is no grammar at all. [Meaning grammar in the sense of infl= exions, part of speech terminations, declensions and conjugations]

Also t= here are many words that naturally end in vowels that don’t fit into such = a system, such as: drama, aqa, arena, area, etc


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